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Ragnarok M Eternal Love announces an alternative event for this month, the Rainbow Fall event that will be held starting December 16, 2020. This is a separate event from the dedicated monthly event Icy Event which includes 9 additional events.

Table of Contents

  1. Puzzle Event (Event 1)
  2. Eye of Heimdall (Event 2)
  3. Iridescent Fall (Event 3)
  4. Epic Spirit Dungeon (Event 4)
  5. Salvation of Glow (Event 5)
  6. Otherworld Guard Officer Dungeon (Event 6)
  7. Saint from another Realm (Event 7)
  8. Guild Rewards (Event 8)
  9. Gold Coin Package 2 (Event 9)

In this guide, we will show all of the each event that are available for Rainbow Fall.

Event 1: Puzzle Event

Starting December 16, 2020 to February 8, 2021, there will be new event puzzle under the New Event on the top of the game screen. Players need to collect the 9 pieces of puzzle to complete the whole event. Each puzzle solved will allow players to receive a reward.

The following are the possible rewards you’ll get for every puzzle solved.

RewardsPuzzle Solved
Build Magic Cannon2 Pieces Puzzle
Wonder Protection2 Pieces Puzzle
Heavenly Water Ancient Coin1 Piece Puzzle
Otherworld Trophy1 Piece Puzzle
Rainbow Keepsake Giftbox1 Piece Puzzle
100 x Rainbow Light Shards1 Piece Puzzle
300 x Rainbow Light Shards1 Piece Puzzle

However, players will also get the following rewards:

  • Each Puzzle Solved: 1 x Mysterious Box 7.0
  • 3 Puzzle Solved: 8 x Oracle Dust and 8 x Oracle Crystal
  • 6 Puzzle Solved: 2 x Glittering Rune Stone and 4 x Praying Card Pack
  • 9 Puzzle Solved: Rainbow Fall Card

Event 2: Eye of Heimdall

Starting December 16 to 23, 2020, players can submit specific materials to get a rewards. Players need to find the NPC named Materials Collecting located at the Goblin Forest, daily players can submit a material.

Players can exchange common to rare materials to the NPC. Everyday, they can exchange up to 12 times only.

The rewards players will get are 5 x Rainbow Light Mark and 1 x Kingdom’s Thank-you Gift. For every submission, players will also rewarded with Magic Cannon Construction Gift Pack and Guild Points.


Kingdom’s Thank- you Gift
Open to obtain the following:
200 x Eden Coin
20 x Plateau Wood
1 x Nine World Rough STone
200 x Honor Proof
2 x Mora Coin
Rainbow Light Mark???

Event 3: Iridescent Fall

Starting December 25, 2020 to January 29, 2021, players can participate in an investigation where there are 5 crash site to investigate. In the crash site, players need to defeat the monster Rainbow Light Spirit. However, there are specific schedule that these monster will appear.

The following are the schedule, time are based on Manila, Philippine Time.

January 7 to 14, 2021
12:00PM to 12:00AM
Mjolnir0.1% chance to get Pet Egg
8% chance to get 1 to 10 Colorful Shell
0.25% chance to get Random Pet Catching Item
January 14 to 21, 2021
12:00PM to 12:00AM
Plain of Ida0.1% chance to get Pet Egg
8% chance to get 1 to 10 Colorful Shell
0.25% chance to get Random Pet Catching Item

Event 4: Epic Spirit Dungeon

Starting December 25, 2020 to January 29, 2021, there will be event dungeon appearing in 5 different maps. Each dungeon will opened every 7 days with a duration of 10 minutes only. Only 6 players can enter each dungeon and there is a daily limit to enter, after that there will be no rewards when the limit is reached.

After completing each dungeon, players can use Renovatio Breath to purify Epic Spirits and get a BigCat Voucher Feast. Once the purified level reaches 100%, the Epic Spirit may help players in the next battle to deal more damage to bosses.

There is a chance to get rewards when defeating the Epic Spirit like the Heavenly Water Ancient Coin and corresponding magic debris from the gift pack.

The following are the giftpacks.

  • Valkyrie’s Bliss – Justice
  • Valkyrie’s Bliss – Battle
  • Valkyrie’s Bliss – Glory
  • Valkyrie’s Bliss – Protection
  • Valkyrie’s Bliss – Faith

Everytime players will able to reached 100% purification, the whole server will be rewarded with 100 x Rainbow Light Shards.

Event 5: Salvation of Glow

Starting December 23, 2020 to 25, 2021, players will be able to unlock new dungeon story by obtaining magic debris. When each epic spirit story is completed, the rewards will corresponds a specific epic spirit card.

Event 6: Otherworld Guard Officer Dungeon

Starting December 25, 2020 to January 29, 2021, similar to Epic Spirit Dungeon, there will be new 5 dungeons available in 5 different maps. Each dungeon will allow up to 6 players. Players need to talk to the dungeon entrance NPC for the details.

Defeating Spirit will allow players to get 1 x Otherworld Guard Officer’s Relic.

Event 7: Saint from another Realm

Starting January 29, 2021 to February 3, 2021, Every day, there will be one rift dungeon opened in a fixed sequence. Each dungeon is limited to 6 players only. Arcana and monster will appear in the rift and player can clear 1 rift dungeon daily, after that, there will be no rewards.

Player can exchange Ninja Transformation Scroll and Ninja Summoning Scroll with an NPC at the Prontera.

Defeating the monster will drop Rainbow Light Shard. However, it is capped up to 400 per day.

Rewards are 1 x Otherworld Trophy and 45 x Rainbow Light Mark

Event 8: Guild Rewards

Starting February 9, 2021 to 14, 2021, an NPC named Honor Inscription at the Goblin Forest will become permanent.

Players may check their guild points at the NPC and the rewards they can get.

Guild RankRewards
1 to 10Rainbow Encounter (Time)
God of Thunder’s Temper
Starlight Wish
10,000 x Honor Proof
10,000,000 Zeny
11 to 50Rainbow Encounter (Childhood Dream)
God of Thunder’s Temper
5,000 x Honor Proof
5,000,000 Zeny
51 to 150Rainbow Encounter
Starlight Wish
3,000 x Honor Proof
1,000,000 Zeny

Event 9: Gold Coin Package 2

Starting February 11 to 16, 2021, a new item will be available at the Big Cat Coin Store (ReCharge) for limited time. The Feather Chest for 25 BCC and has a limit of 60 purchase per account.

The chest contains the following item:

  • 6 to 12 x Oracle Crystal
  • 8 to 15 x Oracle Dust
  • 1 x Ominous Magic Book
  • 1 x Praying Card Pack
  • 0.5% chance to get Rainbow Light Dreamy Dance
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    What if i can’t get the Obtain Heavenly Water Ancient Coin and cant’ get for 1 puzzle piece? in the puzzle description said that we can exchange with rainbow light shard, but i can’t see the coin when i clicked the shard


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