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If you have been a fan of the 15-year-old MMORPG game, the Perfect World which had been first released way back in 2005 on PC. You will be grateful to see this game again on a new platform, this time on mobile devices. The journey begins when VNG Game Publishing releases a mobile version of the game, calling it Perfect World VNG. The game is currently available to selected countries in SEA (Southeast Asia) including the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, while Vietnam has separate servers. The mobile game was first released just this year, on August 20. 

Perfect World VNG lets you experience the nostalgic Perfect World game. Faithfully recreates the original PC version, it includes new improvements to the gameplay and many features that have never been tried before. Such as a marriage system, where you can get married with another player in-game. A dungeon system that will let players and their party to enter an instance to clear monsters and bosses.

An improved PVP system allows players to show their skill against another player. A Guild mode that players can bond together to create an enjoyable community and game experience.

As well as a mentorship system where you can help other players by becoming their master or help them to be your apprentice where both sides will grow faster doing the adventure. 

Classes on Perfect World VNG

To get started with the game, players can choose from three different races: Untamed, Humans and Winged Elf.

Each of these races has different classes inside where players can select a hero that fits on their preferences. 

Assassins (Untamed) – Built with Burst DPS, one of the unique skills of the Assassins among other classes is its ability to become invisible. You can hide from the enemy’s eyesight allowing you to perfectly position your next attack. A handy skill that you can easily flee when you need to regenerate your health. The good thing about its invisibility is it gives additional 20% more damage. The advantage of being an Assassin is it gives extra damage against the enemies, especially when critical hit stat is in full gauge. While in team fights, Assassin is good for helping your teammates enough damage to the enemies. 

Vulpine (Untamed) – Aside from its damage and debuffs, Vulpine is the most unique character among all classes because it is the only class that you can get a pet with its pet taming mechanism. You can use it to assist you in PVP as well as the PVE. A Vulpine can also turn into a fox which increases your movement speed by 30%. It’s ranged skill set and ability to heal itself, Vulipine is suitable for PVP with tanker squads. 

Barbarian (Untamed) – The only Tanker in the game, Barbarian has two forms, it can transform into a monster that highly increases its health points and a strong defense for protection. This makes Barbarian the ultimate tanker in the game. However, when switching back to its original form, its critical rate will increase giving you more damage against enemies. 

Wizard (Human) – Effective for damage and burst, Wizard’s mobility skill set makes its damage per seconds (DPS) effective if you’re in a party because of its wide-range attack. It can deal a large area of damage to the enemies and can defend its teammates with immense power. However, it’s very low health can be fatal when you don’t have a party around. 

Blade Master (Human) – Optimized for damage and control, the Blade master progression may slow at start as it requires you to do levelling and upgrading first for this class to be competitive. This class is effective as an end-game melee character. This class can use dual swords or other weapons like Hammer and Axe, it has a good balance of attack and defense good for controlling the crowd. 

Cleric (Winged Elf) – Supportive healing assist, this class is a must for all parties, she is responsible for healing teammates and giving buffs. Good for PVP and PVE battles. Though its damage is quite weaker, cleric ability to heal a high amount of health points and resistance. It’s assisted attack can slow down the enemy movements. 

Archer (Winged Elf) – For damage flexibility, Archers are the class that can do single damage and wide-range damage to the enemies. Though some might find Archer difficult to play in the game, due to its low HP and weak defense, the damage is effective as well as its attack speed. Since it is a range attacker, you can easily fight enemies at a distance without taking direct damage from the enemies. 

Customizable Character

Though this feature is a trend to some MMORPG games, one key feature of the Perfect World VNG is the ability to customize your character in the game from faces like eye, eyebrows, nose, mouth, shape of face and even decorative features to body shapes. You can make your character look like you, a K –Pop celebrity or something funny. The possibilities are endless, and it depends on your creativity. 

Many video games feature similar character creation systems and mobile games are no exception. From head to toe, each of these offers players a wide-ranging character creation in which you can add your personal touch to it. 

Honestly speaking, before playing the game, it really took a lot of time customizing the character before your adventure begins. *grins* It gives some satisfaction and enjoyment at the same time to get creative as you customize your character’s appearance. 

You will find a lot of people sharing their character customization when you join a community either on Facebook or Reddit.


The game is not just a ported mobile version of the original PC, it is a complete remake using the original storyline. The story started at the home of the three races Human, Untamed and Winged Elf at the capital of Perfect World, the Archosaur where it is invaded by the hordes of wraiths who seek to destroy all of creation.  

Perfect World VNG is so huge in terms of its open world map, the total land area is about 60,000 km2, about 12 percent the size of the Earth. 

Unlike the manual quest discovery on the PC version, the new game adapts portability for mobile which is the auto-navigation of quests which allows players to easily navigate to their quest to complete it. Though the “Pathfinding” of the game is not that deep that the game is still enjoyable without depending on the automation. It is just helping players to look for the exact coordinates of the quest for the assigned NPC and the objectives.  

If walking is not your thing, in Perfect World VNG, you can fly to reach your destination faster. You can use different types of wing or a ride a dragon, a bird, or even a sword to fly and roam around the beautiful scenery. You could also teleport to any maps at any times. 

In terms of playing the game with your friends, you can form a guild or a party to complete objectives. Adding a friend to your friend list is easy as long as you are on the same server.

Customer Support

In most MMORPG game, we think, customer support is the first thing in mind you should look for a game to know if the game is better. In terms of reporting bugs, and unfair hacks that destroy the game community, a GM or a customer support should be easily contacted when these things happen. 

Fortunately, Perfect World VNG has some of the active customer support. You can reach them anytime from their Facebook page or via in-game reporting. Knowing that a game cares for their players, you will automatically know how good this game is. 

Bringing back your old game today sounds like a dream, but VNG initiatives to put the game back to the mobile is just a dream come true. Perfect World VNG is an ongoing game where there are lots of events that are coming to the game every month, players will not get bored because not just of the update but because of the awesome community in the game. 

Based on Chinese mythology, Perfect World VNG is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Chinese online-gaming company, VNG Publishing. The adventures await you! Perfect World VNG is now available in Google Play Store and iOS App Store. They are now waiting for your new adventure.

For updates and upcoming events, follow their social media:  

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