Pearl Abyss premiers its newest game trailer for Crimson Desert

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Today, Pearl Abyss revealed the first gameplay trailer of the upcoming game Crimson Desert during the Game Awards. The trailer will answer all your questions of the game since it was first revealed last month. Surprisingly, it will be the first single-player story driven game of Pearl Abyss with a mixed of online multiplayer which sound promising as they have their own game engine and very fluid game graphics since the Black Desert.

Crimson Desert is an open world action-adventure game and a single-player story driven game with an elements of an online multiplayer. The game is set in the continent world of Pywel, a war-torn world with different territories, cities, cultures and religion. The land is filled with turmoil because of many factions and regions are fighting for controls.

The online features of the game seamlessly interwoven with the main story content and multiplayer content. It also includes breathtaking character customizations and supports true next generation 4K graphics and performance.

Players will be playing the role of the main protagonist Macduff, a downtrodden mercenary fighter trying to reclaim their land from the enemies. You’ll also be fighting alongside with the members of the mercenary group, who will traverse the continent of Pywel to overcome its many perils.

In the trailer, you’ll get to check its fantastic battles and powerful boss fights. Though most of the graphics are similar to the great graphics of Black Desert, you’ll find new interesting features like the flying dragon, story telling and cut-scene. We can’t wait to try this game when it will land to consoles and pc next year.

Over the coming months, Pearl Abyss intends to provide more information on the game, and to involve players in Crimson Desert’s development process. Sign up for more information at and follow related social media channels for the latest Crimson Desert news.   

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