How to Use Campfire to Make BBQ Meats and Jam in LifeAfter

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When you’re stuck on the part of the initial mission “New Wilderness House” when you’re with Andy and Murphy in LifeAfter, you probably do not know to use the campfire to make the barbequed meats and jam. Well, you’re not alone especially you’re new to the game and bombarded with lots of features in the game which makes it non user-friendly to everyone.

To use the Campfire, you need some wood and the main ingredients to use it. But you only need to get woods as Andy is already doing the task for ingredients, as she hunt for animals and some berries.

Instead of getting the ingredients, you were asked to equip axe and gather some woods from trees for the campfire.

After that, you need to talk to Andy to get the items she hunts which are the 4 x Meat and 2 x Berry.

How to ignite the Campfire

You already had the ingredients needed but when you click the Craft button, there are error message that is saying “Insufficient fuel. Wood or Help can be added as fuel”.

Based from the error, you basically need to add fuel in the campfire. But not specifically fuel, which makes this task very confusing. You only need to add woods on the campfire to ignite it.

Press F to the campfire.

Then when the Simple Cooking window appear, at the Fuels on the bottom right corner of the screen, click the + button.

Then add some Woods.

Then press the Ignite button.

When you have enough fuel, you can now Craft the the Barbequed Meats and Jam.

Don’t forget to claim it after cooking.

That’s it! Hope this helps you from doing the adventure in the game.

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