How to spot fake PS4 controller

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You might encounter some people selling PlayStation 4 controller either from an online marketplace or from a local store in your area at a discounted price. Authentic PS4 controller cost around PHP 2,000 ($40) to PHP 3,000 ($60) and includes the complete package including the instructions manual.

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  1. Authentic Screw
  2. Micro USB Port
  3. Battery
  4. Touchpad

But if you happen to receive a controller without these packaging and it cost similar to the retail price, you might be skeptical if the product you bought are authentic. The main problem with the fake PS4 controller is it looks and perform very similar to the original and it will be very hard to find out.

The good news is there are an easy way to tell if the PS4 controller is a fake or original without dismantling your precious controller. This is by examining its parts and compare it with the original PS4 controller. If you don’t have an original PS4 controller, we’ve added a side by side comparison picture below for your reference.

Authentic Screw

If you didn’t know, Sony uses a custom screws in all of their PlayStation 4 peripherals and in the controller, they are using this screw that has circular pattern in it. Good thing with fake controller, they are using generic screw and that is the easiest way to spot if the controller is fake or now.

Below are the screw for authentic controller. If you notice, the screw has a some kind of a spiral pattern and the shape of the plus are a little bit small.

Comparing it with the counterfeit controller, the screw looks generic and the hole for the + are too big without any pattern on it.

Micro USB port

You can also check by how the micro USB port looks. However, you need a magnifier to check this one. Authentic controller has a gold pin at the top of the micro USB board, while the fake one is just plain.

Left controller is the original comparing it to the fake controller on the right, you’ll notice that the board port on the original is rounded and the gold pin on the top doesn’t expose. While the fake one the board port is not rounded and the 5 gold pin is clearly visible on the top.


Using fake controller easily degrade its battery because it is using generic lithium battery, far from the performance of the authentic. However, you will only notice this degradation after using the controller for years or month.


One thing you’ll notice on fake controllers are that when you try to push the top portion of the touchpad, it is not clickable or impossible to press. You can check this by placing your pointing finger at the SONY logo and the touchpad, then try pushing the touchpad, if it easily click its authentic. If not, its 100% fake.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you identify counterfeit PlayStation 4 controllers.

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