How to Solve Militech DataShard (Crack Security) in CyberPunk 2077

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When you go to the Journal in the Shard tab of CyberPunk 2077, you’ll find a folder in their called Militech DataShard (), this folder contains an hex code characters that looks like an encrypted message, but when you convert the hex to text it gives you a message that tells “Property of Militec. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.”. Well, this is just not an encrypted message or some sort that it has important meaning, but it also contains a $10,000 reward when you successfully solved it.

The Militech DataShard are just one of the many shard you can find in CyberPunk 2077, we could not remember where we get these shard or originated but you likely get this from previous mission and loots.

Cracking the Security

Cracking the security will open the Breach Protocol puzzle, there are two daemon available for cracking it. First is the Neutralize Malware, it will remove the malware that infects the shard, when you solve this daemon, you’ll get a reward. The other one is Datamine: Copy Malware, you’ll be able to copy the shard and store the decrypted message to your Shard Journal; However, there will be no rewards when solving this.

The good news of cracking these shard is that it contains the same puzzle for everyone, it means it is not random, all players will be able to solve the same puzzle (character matrix and sequence).

To solve both Neutralize Malware and Datamine: Copy Malware. The simplified sequence to get both daemon are BD, BD, FF, 55 1C, E9 or you may follow these character selection below starting from BD (row 1, column 5).

If you want to know more on how to get a simplified sequence, check our Breach Protocol guide.


Once you’ve successfully cracked the shard and able to solve the daemon malware. You’ll be able to get the following rewards for each daemon:

Neutralize Malware$10,000
Datamine: Copy MalwareJournal copy “Militech DataShard”

Message: “Property of Militec. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.”

Converting the Hex Code

To convert the hex code, for example on this Datashard the hex code are the following:

50 72 6F 70 65 72 74 79 20 6F 66 20 4D 69 6C 69 74 65 63 68 2E 20 55 6E 61 75 74 68 6F 72 69 7A 65 64 20 61 63 63 65 73 73 20 69 73 20 73 74 72 69 63 74 6C 79 20 70 72 6F 68 69 62 69 74 65 64 2E

You can go to our converter tool at to convert the message. When that hex are converted, you will get a preview of the message and it says “Property of Militech. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.”.

That’s it guys! You can also check our recorded gameplay for your reference.

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