How to exit Brain Dance in CyberPunk 2077 on PC

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When you’re tasked to do a Brain Dance with the best editor in the town of Night City, Judy, you specially investigate the memories of Evelyn to find clues against Yorinobu. But as you finish the task and already completed everything, you’re clueless on how to exit the BrainDance, because there are no key instruction shown on the screen on how to exit the editor aside from other navigation.

Some players think it is another kind of of bug or some sort of. However, this problem occurs only for players in PC, in the console there are no reported problem because you can exit by pressing a single common button.

How to exit BrainDance

If you’re using a PC on playing Cyberpunk, exiting the Brain Dance Editor is quite problematic. To exit the Braindance, you just need to press the “X” on your keyboard.

Other BrainDance Navigation

Aside from exiting the Brain Dance, as a reference here are other navigation you can do in the editor.

  • Play/Pause – Space
  • Fast Forward – Hold E
  • Rewind – Hold Q
  • Restart – Hold R
  • Playback Mode – Tab
  • Switch Layer – Left Shif
  • Exit Braindance Editor – X

That’s it! Hope this little guide helps you if you’re stuck on the game.

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