Here’s how to play Perfect World VNG on PC

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Did you know that you can play your favorite Perfect World VNG game on PC? which brings back the nostalgia memories you had in this 13-year old PC MMORPG. Just like how you play it before, you can use the mouse and the keyboard for your adventure. Though this way will not allow you to play the native PC version, you can actually play the Perfect World VNG on an android emulator which is widely available today.

Perfect World VNG is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG game. However, it is only available on iOS and Android platforms. Some of the fans, especially those who are veteran on this game, wanted to experience their childhood game on a PC. Fortunately, VNG has a recommended emulator which you can play either on PC or in a Mac, the Nox Player. They also provided a downloadable APK which you can use if you already have an emulator installed on your desktop.

Also to take note, Perfect World VNG is not a direct mobile port of the 13-year old PC game, it is a complete remake of the game with additional features that fits on the current technology and trends today; like the touch functionality, auto-path, and mobile interface. Aside from the original classes in the game from the Human, Winged Elf and Untamed, they’ve also added and revamp like the new Untamed’ Assassins Class in Perfect World VNG.

Things you can do more on PC

So, why play on PC? Well, one of the advantages of playing Perfect World VNG on PC is you can explore the game in a more immersive gaming experience.

Some smartphones limit your vision and the game performance, especially to those fans who have low end smartphones. Playing it on PC allows you to get better visual experience on big screens, plus you can get much more advantage. Some devices that don’t meet the requirements on the game experience some lags especially in congested areas, you can overcome this on PC which allows you to get more power, unlocks higher quality of settings and even play it on 60 fps mode without any problem.

Perfect World VNG is a high quality MMORPG game in terms of graphics. As a result, it demands a lot of your phone’s resources. Playing the game on mobile for a long period feels hot on hand, and you may need to take some breaks to cool down your phone. Luckily, Perfect World VNG has some power-saving mode that lowers down resources usage at a minimum while you’re away, allowing you to cool down your phone without closing it. But of course, when you play the game on PC, you will no longer have to worry about those kinds of problems, as you will be using a mouse and keyboard to play it.

Lastly, it gives you more control when you play on PC. In mobile, most players use two thumbs on their hand to maneuver their character in the game, while pro players use 4 fingers to get more control in a combat situation. In PC, you can just simply map your keyboard controls and specify which to touch, giving you more you some reflexes advantage in PVP and PVE.

How to Play Perfect World VNG on PC

So, how exactly you can play Perfect World VNG on PC? To play it on PC, you need an emulator that VNG recommends which is the Nox Player. You can download the emulator with built-in Perfect World VNG game at

Click the Download Perfect World VNG on PC. The file size of the installer is quite bigger at 410MB.

Once the download is complete, open it and click install.

Wait for a few seconds until the installation is completed.

Once done, press Start to open up the Nox player.

Now, you can play Perfect World VNG. If the game is not on the homepage, click the App Center and search for Perfect World VNG. Or simply open this link on the emulators browser

That’s it! Though keyboard and mouse control is automatically set, do not forget to re-configure based on your preferences.

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