Genshin Impact hackers allegedly able to keep stolen account if they spent money on it

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A reddit user named u/Rabbit-Outside posted a screenshot on subreddit (r/Genshim_Impact) about his conversation with the support team of Genshin Impact where he asked help to recover his hacked account. Through a screenshot, he claimed that miHoYo recognized that his account was stolen but they refused to help because the hacker already made many top-up on the stolen account responding “However, after the time your account is taken by someone, there are many Top-up after that, and this is dispute account situation, so that we couldn’t help in this situation”.

The Reddit user also said that it was stolen a month ago, he claimed that he had no confirmation code when his bind email address was changed. He then contacted miHoYo after the incident proving the ownership of his account. miHoyo responded that they need screenshots all of the purchase transaction as a proof to begin the restoration of his account. 

He waited about 3 weeks to get a response from them. In the response, he claimed, miHoYo confirmed that the account was stolen, but they could not simply recover the account because the people (hacker) who stole it already bought some top-up on the account.

He also added that he spent over 150 hours on the game before it was happened.

The reddit post now reaches over 20,000 upvotes. You can check it at…/support_response_from_mihoyo/

As of the moment, there is no official statement from miHoYo about this matter.

Is it right for miHoYo to refused to recover the stolen account?

If the above screenshots are real, I think it is just right for miHoYo to refuse the account recovery. Because some players could abuse this service to make false claims for their gacha advantage. The only problem was the choice of words use in their response and without the assurance of banning the stolen account.

We all know that most top-up funds used in Genshin Impact are all for the gacha mechanics. What if someone who would abuse this method will legitimately reverse all of the payment done during it was claimed “stolen” and be able to keep all the consumable item that was used. 

It is also hard for the part of miHoYo to reverse all transactions made from the stolen account as they can only put negative to the amount of Primo Gem if reversal happen. The case for stolen account requires manual approach.

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