FB Streamer was Hacked due to a “turn-on” Text Notification during his Live Stream

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If you or you have friends doing stream especially in mobile devices, make sure to remind them to turn-off the text notification when streaming because some of your viewers might hacked without you knowing. This is what happens when to Facebook Streamer “COG – Bagito TV”, he was hacked due to a “turn-on” text notification during his live stream.

Bagito TV reveals on his video titled “Pano ako nahack on stream!” that he was hacked by a viewer that was friendly asking to add him on Facebook. It turns out the real motives of the viewer was to “forgot password” his account.

The hacker was able to get the text confirmation code during the livestream because of the “turn-on” text notification which shows all text messages straight to his live stream.

Some of his fans were able to notify Bagito that someone was trying to forgot password his account. The hacker was able to access his account changing his IGN and able to takeover it.

Few hours later, he was able to recover his account with the help of his manager.

Although this kind of hacked happens to streamer who are using mobile phone either from AppMirror and OBS, Bagito TV reminds other streamers to become aware of this kind of incident. Make sure to check phone updates and always turn off any notification during stream.

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