PLDT offers Super Speeds Boost for as low as PHP 99, but good for 3 months

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If you’ve received an email from PLDT saying “Build Stronger Connection at Home”, you were offered a speed boost upgrade with discounted price. Like for an example if you were currently subscribe to Unli Fibr Plan 2399, you will only be paying an additional PHP 149 to upgrade to 100 Mbps which is originally cost PHP 3,099. But the catch is, the discounted price will only be good for 3 months only, until January 31, 2021. After that, you’ll be paying the full amount at PHP 3,099.

Here are the list of eligible offers that you can subscribe to.

Current PlanUpgraded toAdded on Monthly Bill
Fibr 1699
Fibr 1899
50 Mbps
Unli Fibr Plan 2399
PHP 99
Fibr 2099
Fibr 2299
Fibr 2399
100 Mbps
Unli Fibr Plan 3099
PHP 149
Fibr 2899
Fibr 3099
Fibr 3299
150 Mbps
Unli Fibr Plan 4099
PHP 199
Fibr 4099
Fibr 4299
300 Mbps
Unli Fibr Plan 6099
PHP 249

Note: The discounted added on Monthly Bill is only effective until January 31, 2021. After that, you’ll be paying the full amount of the original plan.

How to Subscribe to the Super Speeds Boost

To subscribe, if you’re a PLDT, Smart or Sun subscriber, just simply call to 170. For other network, you can dial 02 800 0170.

Simply follow the step from the voice call activation, input your telephone number and your PLDT account number.

After that, you’ll be asked to confirm your subscription. Pressing the 1 in the touch pad will automatically subscribe you to the new plan.

How to UnSubscribe to the Super Speeds Boost

The deadline for unsubscribing is before January 31, 2021. When unsubscribe, your upgraded plan will be reverted back to the original and you will no longer paying the additional monthly charged.

To unsubscribe, simply call 170 for PLDT, Smart or Sun Subscribers. For other network, you can dial 02 800 0170.

Follow the voice call activation, and once you confirm. Your plan will automatically go back to the original.

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  • Mark November 22, 2020 5:06 am

    How many days before you can unsubscribe? It always asks for the upgrade. Note that we only tried the speedboost yesterday and would like to unsub today.

  • NEIL December 18, 2020 2:51 pm

    we have subscribed on the fibr 1699. it was working fine before and the famcam i have taken from PLDT was working.

    My contract with PLDT is 3 years, so i expect the same speed and service that i have purchased on the beginning of the contract will be the same until the end of the contract duration.

    Now, the contract is still far from over, BUT my internet connection is very slow, lagging, and famcam is not even working.

    This is a breach of contract PLDT!!!

    as i am on a contract, even if the service provided by you have changed and not working, i am obliged to pay you my monthly dues for your useless SERVICE!!!

    i have complained but i can say that playing stupid is really best at it is your policy!!!

    your always reply is WE WILL CHECK!! what@@@@$^%$&*^%&$^!!!


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