How to Exocism Dust Quest in Perfect World VNG

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During your adventure in the Archosaur Outskirts, there will be a quest given by the NPC Scholar Vance, this quest is part of the Exocism Dust where you’ll be asked to make an Exorcising Dust. However, some players has hard time doing this quest, especially to those players who is used to automated playing, this is so far one of the quest that requires manual interaction to complete.

If you’re type of a player that doesn’t read the story or dialog, you will have hard time answering this quest because the clue lies on the instruction given by the NPC.

How to make Exorcising Dust

There are three plants in the field, Necrograss, Tawny Herb and Revealing Rose. You need to place the Illusion Flower to these roses in order.

The Necrograss is on the left, Tawny Herb is at the center and the Revealing Rose is at the most right.

To complete this quest, place the Illusion Flower in the following order:

  1. Revealing Rose
  2. Necrograss
  3. Tawny Herb
  4. Tawny Herb
  5. Necrograss

After that, the NPC must say “Perfectly executed process. Good result!”. It means you have successfully completed this quest.

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