A Comeback Story: Crazy Kart heads back to the Racetrack

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Who says cuteness and competitiveness cannot go together?

Without a doubt, Shanda Group was the leading online game developer in China by early 1999. They are the ones who developed the cute but highly competitive game called Crazy Kart that once touched so many hearts, including the Filipinos. On July 31, 2013, with a heavy feeling, Shanda Group finally had their last race and let Bakal Boy, Tweetums, Sid, and other characters maneuver on their own. #DriveFree

When Shanda Group licenses CrazyKart overseas, various countries in Asia availed of the franchise, including the Level Up! Games, the Philippines’ forefront of successfully localizing foreign games such as Ragnarok Online, RF Online, Flyff, Cabal Online, and immeasurably more.

Nowadays, when somebody mentions “CrazyKart,” it sounds like jargon. But from 2008 to 2013, Crazy Kart is widely known in the Philippines, and it is seemingly one of the reasons why high school students in the country cut class. Not emphasizing the unfavorable impact of this game, but to give a clear manifestation that this game dominates back then.

Out of longingness for the competitive gameplay, In 2018, Shanghai Longwan Network Technology Co., Ltd. reached out to Shanda that their company is more than excited to take over and has decided to bring CrazyKart back to life from a 5-year death.

Shanda’s game licensing agreement that the game developers and online racers care about is successfully signed. Therefore, game development is continuous under the new management of Shanghai Longwan Network Technology Co., Ltd.

To somehow ease the anxiety brought by the Covid-19, Here’s a piece of good news. The server is up and running smoothly! Even if it is a China-based game, there is a character named Bakal Boy waiting for you in-game and a racetrack called Pinas where you can compete intensively around the Mall of Asia while listening to Tsuper Duper by Ang Bandang Shirley. How cool is that?

The in-game ambiance appears to be adorable like Cocomelon or as soft as a marshmallow, but “After you” is not a thing here. No matter how low your level is, whether a sprout or a king, still, your opponents are traitors that will not give any consideration. They can charge destructing unique skills that will take you behind them from a 100-kilometer lead. So, be ready to fall, jump, drift, spin, and fly!

Now, are you mystified how Bakal Boy and the Pinas racetrack look? Why don’t you try playing the game and see for yourself? There are a lot of updates coming. Nevertheless, the server is percent playable 24/7.

You may now download the files at this link https://ckfksc.com/.

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