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XII Braves, the creator of the hit mobile RPG “Valiant Force” has recently announced their brand-new mobile title, Shining Beyond. The game is slated to release some time this November and currently, there is a pre-registration event running where Players can unlock many exciting in-game rewards such as 10x Premium Summon Tickets! Check out the Pre-registration Page here.

Shining Beyond is a hero collection RPG with an idle-action hybrid gameplay. The game combines fast-paced action gameplay with an offline AI system that aids in hero progression.

Currently, there are over 50 different heroes in the game for Players to collect. Each hero has its own in-depth job system. There are 4 main jobs in the game, Warrior, Rogue, Archer and Acolyte. As Players progress through the game, you can further branch out into other sub-Jobs such as Crusader, Assassin, Ranger, Samurai, Mage and many more. Each hero can choose from among 7 Job paths to progress with and there is a total of 20 different sub-Jobs that Players can explore.

Aside from levelling up your jobs, your heroes have other ways of increasing their strength such as the rarity upgrade from SR to UR, where you can gain additional stats and skills. You can also equip them with Equipment and Runes that will further enhance their stats. Your hero’s visuals will change and look better as they grow stronger.

Shining Beyond has a unique roguelike system that helps to prolong the longevity of the game. Each time the Player enters a mission, the game will randomly generate a brand-new battlefield through its AI system, creating a unique experience with each playthrough. There are over 400 story missions for players to explore.

On top of that, there will be random encounters such as a secret treasure chest maps where Players can open the treasure chest through a DPS check or, secret missions with various Buffs or Debuffs that will affect both your heroes and the enemies. Completing these random encounters will help Players to gain many special rewards that can aid in your progression.

As mentioned above, Shining Beyond is also an idle game where Players can continue to generate Gold and Experience offline. Not only that, you will also be rewarded with equipment, runes and other items that can help with your progression, making sure that you will not be lagging behind even when you’re not playing the game.

Content wise, there are various PVE and PVP game modes for Players to explore. Players can participate in various PVE game mode such as Tower, Raid, Treasure Hunt and even real time co-op with up to two friends. For those of you who prefer PVP, the battles in Shining Beyond are in real-time thus testing not only strategy but also your mettle.

Visual wise, the game does have some resemblance to Valiant Force. I believe the developers are fans of J-mobile games as most of the character design to the UI, and various battlegrounds visuals are similar to what you’ll see in a Japan developed mobile game. Furthermore, XII Braves has also invited Hitoshi Sakimoto-san, a Japanese music composer best known for scoring massively popular video games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, to produce the original soundtrack for Shining Beyond.

In conclusion, Shining Beyond is a great idle-action, hero collection game for Players to jump into. You do not have to commit a lot of time in the game to progress your characters to enjoy the same amount of extensive content you can find in various other mobile games of the same genre.

Pre-register for the game now to unlock many exciting in-game rewards such as 10x Premium Summon Tickets, Gems, Equipment and even an exclusive Immortal’s Valour Wings.

To know more about Shining Beyond, check their official website and app pages below.

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