GOMO Sim Review, gives you 4,166 rounds of MLBB or Wild Rift for 25GB of no Expiry load

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A new digital telco emerged on the internet by the name of GOMO PH or GOMO!, an acronym for Get Out More Often. If you’ve been to Singapore, you probably heard of this name as it is one of the tourist sim by Singtel that you can avail at the airport. Although they have different logo designs, it is the same sim and it is now available in the Philippines under the Globe network. The new GOMO! sim will provide Filipinos with a new alternative mobile network that has a unique feature that our local telco cannot simply offer, “Data load that doesn’t expire”.

Table of Contents

  1. Unboxing
  2. Activating your GOMO! Sim
  3. Loadability
  4. Speed Test
  5. Gaming
  6. Setting up APN
  7. 24/7 GPS Location Tracker
  8. 3-minute Call Drop
  9. Landline Call
  10. Unli Data Promos
  11. Conclusion

GOMO! sim is only for PHP 199 (Promo from PHP 299), it includes a FREE 25GB of load that you can use to surf the internet or play any games. When playing online games, the 25GB can take you up to 4,166 rounds of online games for MLBB or Wild Rift.


Packaging comes in not so ordinary paper, in a premium-like elastic envelope, printed with their moto and logos.

Inside, you’ll get the sim packaging. As the packaging stated, this sim is 5G ready. Yep! If you’re planning to get iPhone 12 in the future, this sim is compatible.

At the back, you can scan the QR code to download the GOMO! app. It also has a protected seal and a sticker indicating the expiration date. 

Comes in a cross-shaped packaging, it reveals the half-sized sim card tray with no other instruction manual. Just “Let’s shake things up. Be free and just play. Get Ready.”.

Similar with other sim card tray, the sim card comes in 3 pre-cut sizes: Standard Sim, Micro Sim and Nano Sim. 

Activating your GOMO! Sim

When the sim is inserted and already downloaded the GOMO! app, you can then enter your number for activation. If you have trouble looking for the number, it is printed behind the half-sized sim card tray. 

What’s great with GOMO! is that, the app can be accessed it even you don’t have load, meaning you can manage and check your data anytime you want.

Once activated, you’ll automatically see your FREE 25GB load that doesn’t expire. If you notice, the credits for calls and text are zero, you need to exchange your data to get credits for text and calls.

You can convert your data load by tapping the Mo Creds, and below are the list of promo that you can convert for text and calls.

  • 0.2 GB – 3 Mins to all networks
  • 0.2 GB – 30 Texts to all networks
  • 0.5 GB – 50 Texts + 5 Mins to all networks

Based from the non-combo conversion above, it cost you around PHP 0.79 per 1-minute call and about PHP 0.079 per text for all network.


Unfortunately, purchasing a load for your GOMO! sim is pretty hard and you can only purchase loads online via GCash or Credit/Debit Card. As of the moment, purchasing a load from Tindahan is not yet possible. We will update this post once we’ve got info on that.

Currently, there are two promos available. 25GB for PHP 299; and 25GB + 500 Texts and 100 Mins for PHP 499. We recommend buying the PHP 299 as you’ll get more GB in terms of costs by converting texts and calls than the latter.

In our calculation, you will be spending 11.96 PHP per GB.

Speed Test

This speed test is only helpful for our readers who are in General Santos. Since Globe is not that optimized in our area because of very few towers, getting an LTE signal is not that consistent. When you’re too far from the cell towers or in an enclosed area, your signal may fluctuate switching back and forth from 3G+, 4G and LTE.

Anyway, here is the speed test results we’ve got.

LocationSpeed Result (Download/Upload)
SM City General Santos, Lagao (LTE)35.7 Mbps / 2.92 Mbps
Narra Street, Lagao (LTE)11.4 Mbps / 5.72 Mbps
Narra Street, Lagao, Inside Home (3G)5.66 Mbps / 0.22 Mbps
Salazar Street, Dad. South (LTE)38.29 Mbps / 16.26 Mbps
Salazar Street, Dad. South, Inside Home (LTE)2.38 Mbps / 4.42 Mbps


We will also cover the advantages of gaming using GOMO! Will the 25GB for PHP 299 worth it for gaming?

In our test using MOBA games like the Mobile Legends Bang Bang or League of Legends Wild Rift, each round takes about 4MB to 6MB. Now, if we translate that with 25GB of data, it will give you around 4,166 total of rounds for only PHP 299 (That’s a year of playing). Of course, patch update and other data consuming app is not included in the calculation.

Comparing it with other plans by other telcos, around 299 pesos you only get 1GB per day for certain apps which is only valid for 30 days. And if you only use it solely for playing games, you will hardly consume those 30GB data and the GOMO! sim sounds the cheapest deal.

For connectivity, if you’re connected in LTE/4G+ signal, you’ll get good ping at around 30ms to 110ms which is pretty acceptable ping for Wild Rift and ML. Note, this will still depends on the strength of Globe signal in your area.

Setting up APN

The default APN that is set through your mobile data network is set to Globe internet APN. Although, this will work without a problem and the internet will still work. It is still best to use the recommended GOMO apn that are instructed in their FAQs section.

Depending on your phone, for android, you can set this at Connections > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > then Add. Fill up the APN with http.gomo.ph or gomo.ph and leave the username and password blank. Make sure to name it for reference.

For iOS, Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network. From here, you need to fill up the Cellular Data APN to http.gomo.ph or gomo.ph. Leave the Username and Password blank.

24/7 GPS Location Tracker

Since using GPS requires very few KB, and almost doesn’t eat up your data load, you can actually turn on your data as well as your GPS for 24/7. In case you’ve misplaced your phone or it was stolen, as long as it has enough battery and data load, you can easily locate your phone using its GPS, through Google by searching “Where is my phone”.

By using the non-expired data load of GOMO, it will try to locate your phone through GPS with 15-meter accurate radius and lasts up to a year as long as you have enough data load in your account. It is also an ideal sim card for GPS tracker device for your vehicle.

3-minute Call Drop (Fixed)

(GOMO already fixed this issue) Unfortunately, for some reason, GOMO! has a 3-minutes call drop bug, meaning when using outgoing calls it will drop every 3-minutes even though you have more than 3 minute of calls remaining in your account.

However, this problem only happen for users who top up calls credit using the 3 minutes conversion for 0.2GB, but when purchasing the PHP 499 (25GB + 500 Texts and 100 Mins), so far, there are no issue for the 3-minutes drop call. For incoming calls, there is no problem.

We will try to reach GOMO! support if this is their feature or just an error in their system.

UPDATE as of 11/26/2020: GOMO support team is aware about the current 3-minute call drop problem and they are investigating the issue.

UPDATE as of 02/03/2021: The 3-minute drop call has been fixed, there is no longer interrupted call while dialing a number.

Unli Data Promos

Other than non expiring load, GOMO also now offers unli data promos good for 15 days (PHP 299) and 30 days (PHP 499). The only catch is, the data speed is capped up to 5Mbps only. Once the promo is availed users cannot opt out of the UNLI offer for the chosen period of them.

Though this promo defeats the purpose of the sim card, it is useful for certain emergency problems like downloading huge amount of data like games, videos or other data demanding task.

The unli promo is also not stackable, which means you cannot load 15-day UNLI promo twice to get 30 days.

Landline Call

Unfortunately, you cannot dial or call landline number even you have minute balance in your account. The main reason probably is the charges on landline number are way expensive than the charges from other mobile network calls. On GOMO, you can only call mobile networks such as SMART, Sun Cellular, Globe and TM and other mobile network.


The GOMO! sim is recommended for light to moderate usage, people who rarely go outside and want to have an internet with them without worrying of getting an expired load. For PHP 299 for 25GB, the no expiry features of this sim will benefit most of the gamers that plays online games which only consume a few MB per match and can play up to thousands. But for those who are heavy user that always surf the internet, to play YouTube videos, Netflix, Spotify, calls and text, this sim might cost them even more because of non-existent of unlimited data promos.

GOMO unique feature is its load will never expire, its like a bank but for your data, you have full freedom on how or when you will use it.

If you’re planning to purchase this sim, make sure you know how’s the internet connection for Globe users in your area. As that will be the speed you’ll be getting when you have the GOMO!.

The sim card will still expire when there is no paid transaction has been made within one year. So, you need to top-up a load at least once a year to extend its life span.

GOMO! app is now available through Google Play and iOS App Store. You can purchase the sim for PHP 199 with FREE 25GB via their website (https://www.gomo.ph/), through the app or from online stores at Lazada or Shopee.

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