World Boss Enraged Muskan is now in Black Desert Mobile

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Pearl Abyss just announced today a new update for the Black Desert Mobile, and one of that update is the new World Boss, Enraged Muskan where players can now challenge this new boss to claim in-game rewards.

Enraged Muskan is a cold-blooded and indiscriminate killer, Muskan is the commander of the Kzarka Shrine Priests, a group willing to do anything just to resurrect the Kzarka. It’s weapon that covered its hand makes this world boss more fearsome and when it hits target it decimate.

The new addition of this world boss will allow players in higher level to enjoy new adventure. Any players who reach level 45 or above can able to challenge this new World Boss, and those who completed the challenge will have a chance to get a Muskan’s Shoes and Muskan’s Tokens.

In addition to this update, Abyssal Relic was also added to Black Desert Mobile and players can now obtain new relics from fighting Difficulty 11 of the Ancient Ruins. The Abyssal Relic can be crafted with the Relic Fragments.

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