Using Layla Revamp in Project Next on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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As Moonton announced on their latest videos, the upcoming PROJECT NEXT, layla will be one of the heroes to get a revamp. Moonton found out that these hero can’t be a great counter to current meta heroes, to make her one of the heroes to be efficient in the battlefield and that can compete with meta ones. Layla will get a revamp.

Layla is one of the heroes that is rarely seen in Epic to Mythic Division. Layla now looks younger than before and according to Choox TV she now walks sexier. This new layla has better visual effects than it’s model before. Layla’s revamp is now available to use in the advance server. Layla still needs a support or tank in a lane, because she is not very durable against assassins. Assassins like Benedetta can be a threat even though she already got her revamp.

Layla’s revamp will be a deadly one, being a starter hero, she has straight forward offensive abilities. But this new layla will shine in the land of dawn, this revamp will have layla users excitement awaken.

The revamped layla is one of the perfect counter to melee heroes. If you want a build that is all about raw power and facing tank enemies, then check out this build:

  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Swift Boots
  • Berserkers Fury
  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Malefic Roar
  • Blade of Despair

This layla build might not be efficient on late games, but depending on the situation, you can change the malefic roar to Rose Gold Meteor, this will give you higher chances for survival.

Layla’s Weakness is her lack of mobility, therefore, once an assassin catches you or gets you with a Crowd Control Skill, Layla would be dead. So I recommend to use the battle spell flicker as a mobility for escaping.

Revamped Skills:

Layla’s passive skill is still the same, she gains extra damage when she hits an enemy farther away from her. Her passive is called Malefic Gun. This passive skill is useful if you have a reliable tank.

First Skill – Her first skill still looks like the old one, but it add a new feature, after using malefic bomb (1st skill), it gives her a few seconds of increased basic attack range. This extra range can last up to 3.5 seconds at a max level, and starts out in 2 seconds. The damage output is still the same tot eh current server and can still deal critical hits. The cooldow is now change to 6 seconds at all levels.

Layla’s Second Skill – Her second skill now has an extra effect where it leaves a mark on the enemies that are hit. The mark is called Magic Mark, Layla can detonate a Magic Mark with her following attacks, dealing extra damage to nearby enemies and slowing them again for 30%.

Ultimate Skill – Destruction Rush. Layla fires an energy blast, dealing damage to enemies on the path. The damage her ulti is dealing is still as the same as before but it is fixed to 37% at all levels. Upgrading her ulti will increase the range of her basic attack and Void projectile.

Would you use layla in rank games? Will layla be good in rank games or do you have other builds for Layla? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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