Stuck at Gathering Quest in Perfect World VNG

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If you recently stuck one of the quest in Perfect World VNG specifically for the gathering quest, you’ll probably have no idea on how to fix it and you may think it is a bug. Eventually in the game, after you auto-quest each of the game quest, you’re stuck on Gathering Feathers quest from the NPC Peregrine near the city hall where you’ll be eliminating Iriswings but the gathering of feather didn’t progress or stuck at 0/4.

Well, it’s not a bug of something, its just Perfect World didn’t have a function to notify players that their inventory are already full and need to sort out.

How to Complete Gathering Quest

Make sure your Inventory are not full, the default inventory size for the game is at 40, it will increase as you level up in the game or purchase a space from the store.

To sort out your inventory, just click the bag icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

Dismantle Equipment that are not important like the no-color equipment. Keep in mind, Blue and Purple are important equipment if you’re early stage in the game. However, you may dismantle blue once you already have full set of purple equipments.

Once you already have extra space in your inventory, you can now go back eliminating your objective and receive the items for the gathering quest.

That’s it guys! If you still have problem with the quest. Please leave a comment down below.

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