Is the Tiki Taka Era Upon Us? New Upcoming Updates for ‘Champion of the Fields’

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Champion of the Fields, the masterful mobile soccer game from NetEase Games, is getting a new version that promises to enhance the gaming experience of every enthusiast of the sport! The development team has revealed several exciting details about the update: The game will once again take another leap in graphic presentations while improving the controls for even smoother play, plus all new game modes.

Upgraded Realistic Matches for Greater Immersion

Visual Effects for Game Characters Get a Total Upgrade. All Characters will have much more detailed complexion and even sweat for a more intense match simulation. With the new Real Shadow option, the characters have a greater 3-D appearance and cast more realistic shadows. In addition, the game tweaked human physiques and improved the display for uniforms, to the point that even wrinkles on the latter are visible!

Realistic Fields and Atmosphere. The new version optimized the entire lighting effect on a field. Lighting for both day and night now comes off more realistic and naturally. Throwing in the new “Virtual Grass” and you can almost feel the soft green field.

While improving the stadium conditions and environment, the update also enhanced the NPCs working inside. Cameramen, security personnel, etc., have been added to spice up a stadium.

To accommodate both stadium visual and player perspectives, the new version offered a new view angle: mid-range, enabling better experience in competition.

More Celebrations and Replay Angles. To provide cooler, unique goal scoring, the upgrade featured the signature celebration of many soccer players that stayed true to their real-life FIFAPro counterparts. Meanwhile, new multi-angled replays let players experience the thrill of a goal up close.

Enjoy the Fun of Tiki Taka in new Champion of the Fields

The new Champion of the Fields completely revamped the mechanics for dribbling and passing. For those who love to dribble, whether it’s dribbling or dribbling feint, the entire control has been greatly improved. Fans of fancy dribbling will also dig the new “Solo Training Mode”, where they can work on their ball-control skills. Improve your dribbling in Solo Training Mode and duplicate Messi’s classic feat of leaving 7 defenders in the dust!

More essential than dribbling in Tiki Taka is mastering passing accuracy. According to the development team, the update greatly optimized the spot and trajectory of a pass. Smart passing will select the most efficient trajectory for outstanding passers and deliver the ball to teammates faster. The AI also improved nonplayer teammates’ position and their reaction to the passes, allowing the player to make timely through passes.

Improve the possession, use remarkable dribblers to control the ball and skillfully create space, then send a pinpoint pass through the defense to score a goal! The fun possession of Tiki Taka can now be experienced in Champion of the Fields!

Pinnacle Match Now Available to Determine the Best of the Best

The new version will launch a new competitive format known as Pinnacle Match, exclusive to managers of Legendary III or higher in the Ranking page. Pinnacle Match is available daily from 12:00 – 14:00 and 19:00 – 22:00. Fabulous rewards are also given to active participants at the end of each season. If you’re not Legendary III yet, let’s get that tier up so you can enjoy Pinnacle!

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