Answers to Human Mentor in Perfect World VNG

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When you’ve reached the Celestial Vale in Perfect World VNG, an NPC named Human Mentor will give you several insight into the future.

Initially it will asked you if you’re interested on listening to her prophecy. She will asked “Would you like to listen to the prophecy from the Heaven Palace?”. You need to answer Sure, tell me everything!.

After that, you’ll get Insight +3, 206 EXP and 140 Silver Coin. After that, you need to talk to Human Mentor again for the exam questions which will allow you to enter the Heavenly Palace.

Here are the questions and correct answers.

If the path ahead is full of hardships, will you still persist on continuning?Of course! If I have a goal, I’ll do my best to fulfill it no matter what.
Will you remain steadfast in your ideals beyond the doubt of others?My ideals are like a lighthouse, guiding my path in life. Of course, I’ll remain steadfast!
Will you sacrifice yourself in exchange for eternal peace and joy in the world?I’ll gladly give my life for the greater good.

That’s it! She then asked you to go to Cerulean Grove and find Squall.

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