A Guide to New Jungler Hero Lillia in League of Legends (LoL)

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Many players have been waiting for the League of Legends to release a new hero for jungle and their prayers have been finally answered. Since the last updates of heroes in League of Legends are more on assassin, fighter, tank, marksman, mage and specialist which can be assigned in different lanes. Either it can be top bottom or mid lanes depending on the hero you choose. Lillia was released on Wednesday July 22, 2020 under the patch of 10.15 in League of Legends.

Lillia is a skirmisher, either a mid-range or melee jungler hero. She is difficult to be use, lacks on defense but she has a good potential during ganks. She is more reliable in clashing rather than in one on one situations. All of her abilities has area of effect (AOE) in her target area. She can roam on top and bottom jungle, she can go in any lane but not too long depending on her level and magic damage.

Lillia is available in the shop and you can brought her through riot points (RP) or blue essence (BE). If you bought already Lillia, I suggest to try her out in Co-op vs AI mode before playing her in normal blind pick or ranked match. If you mastered playing Lillia  in Co-op vs AI, then you can now try her at normal blind pick or ranked match depending on your level. In order to test yourself handling Lillia against other players in the playing field against other players because there is difference between player’s vs players and player’s vs AI.

Lillia’s combo attack, first is hitting the enemy with Swirlseed followed by Litling Lullaby then with Watch out! Eep! And Blooming Blows in clashing.  Any hero can be paired to Lillia but the recommended heroes are Taric, Sion and Twisted Fate. For her items you can follow her recommended items in the open shop like starting items, essential items, core items and situational items. You can create your own as long as it is magic items and suited to the situation, furthermore I will going to explain her skills below:


Dream-Laden Bough (Passive)  

Her passive skill deals 5% of max health as magic damage to jungle monsters over three seconds starting at 40 damage and higher depending on her level. Her passive skill is not intended to damage both minions and champions.

Blooming Blows (Q)

Her first skill will swings the censer around her dealing magic damage inside to the enemy and bonus true damage in the outer edge of the attack when the enemy is caught up. Each time she hits at least 1 enemy, she will grant a stack up to 5 times gaining her bonus movement speed. Each stack will be lost every 1 second.

Watch Out! Eep!

Her second skill will dash to 150 units of minions in her target area having a cooldown of 0.759 seconds. It dealt 200% increased damage especially hitting the enemy at the center spot, even though she can dash, you cannot use this skill while attacking an enemy in the terrain.


Her third skill will throws a seed that will move forward at infinite range, hitting or colliding with an enemy or throw in a terrain while landing or rolling to check enemy in the bushes. When it hits the enemy, it dealt magic damage with 3 seconds of slow and 2 seconds to reveal the position of the enemy. You can use it for kill spree (ks).

Litling Lullaby

Her ultimate skill, she will cast a spell in the enemy within her range that has affected to her passive skill which grants slow in 1.5 seconds making their heroes sleepy and fall asleep for seconds. The enemies cannot be act or moved at this moment, unless they attack by non – periodic damage or awakened by the attack of Lillia which grants an additional magic damage.

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