The New Chasing Assassin Benedetta Guide (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)

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After the release of the black dragon Yu Zhong, many players gets excited of using a dragon in the land of dawn. A new hero is coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, an assassin, Benedetta, she is a shadow ranger. Benedetta’s iconic quote is when the body suffers, the spirit blooms.

Is this hero OP (Overpowered)? The answer would be yes, she is very OP, she can chase enemies easily and she can escape from them while guarding herself. Benedetta’s basic attack has different looks from the original basic attack, instead it gives an image of two swords crossing each other just like her role, an assassin.

Benedetta’s specialty is chase/burst, which means, she can easily chase heroes or escape intentionally. Benedetta should go on farming, the stronger you get in the early the better. Another way of using this hero properly is by always using her basic attack, then holding it, allowing her to activate her passive skill. The hero is all about dashing, she is like a girl version of Lancelot.

Benedetta and Hayabusa would have an OP combo, I would not recommend having 2 assassins in a game unless one of them adjusts and take the enemies blue buff. Benedetta’s Ultimate Skill makes her invisible while dashing and slowing them down, then here is where Hayabusa’s scene appear, while benedetta use her ulti, hayabusa should also use his ulti, having an unstoppable duo. Another hero that can do a harsh combo with Benedetta is the tank Khufra, the set would be, Khufra’s ulti then Benedetta’s Ulti, if the tank can properly set it would give higher chances of winning. I would highly recommend not to use Benedetta without a hero that can stun or immobilize because heroes can easily escape her ulti. Benedetta has a sword on her right side, it can only be filled by holding the basic attack. But overall this combo there is one team that would be unstoppable in clashing (if it hits the right combo) The team would be, Benedetta, Tigreal, Zhask, Silvanna and Wanwan. After Tigreal uses the combo of flicker and Ulti, Zhask and Silvanna should do the same, making the enemies stuck inside, then Wanwan should use her first skill, then wait for few hits to activate her ulti, then Benedetta would use her ulti. If this combo is perfectly timed, then it would be one of the best combos on MLBB. The player should always use basic attack to charge the passive.

Skills Guide

Benedetta’s passive skill is called Elapsed Daytime it is a blink and damage way of passive. When holding down the Basic Attack button, Benedetta enters the swordout state, at this state, she gathers sword intent, and if Benedetta releases her basic intent after swordout state, she is already fully charged. The way to release her fully charged swordout state is by holding down the basic attack button. She can also gain sword intent when dealing damage by basic attack and casting skills. The skills damage is considered as skill damage. The HP restoration will be reduced to 20% if she hits minions and creeps. Use her passive skill in clashing or while escaping, her passive is what you would like about her, because she is already fast yet still goes faster.

Her First Skill is both burst and blink, this skill let’s Benedetta withdraw swiftly and leaves a shadow in the front. After a short delay, her shadow slashes forward in a fan-shaped area, dealing 300/340/380/420/460/500 and an additional 40% physical attack. This skill is best for offense, because it gives huge amount of damage and a dash, but always keep an eye on the map and avoid CC heroes.

Benedetta’s second skill is also a very important skill, it not only helps players on defense but also has offensive structures. Benedetta raises her weapon to defend in this skill, it is called an eye for an eye, the title itself is already very good and is obviously for defense. This skill is very helpful for taking buffs and for clashes.

Alecto: Final Blow is an ulti that is also both defense and for offense. It is very helpful, since you can be invisible, it is very helpful for surprise attacks and for escaping.

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