Summer Sport Meet Season 5 Event in Super Mecha Champions

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Super Mecha Champions, the Mecha-themed competitive mobile game released by NetEase Games, has opened its S5 season “Summer Sport Meet” along with a new summer game mode, new season skins, and new weapons. Moreover, Pilots Personalization will be available. Player may now customize the appearance of their pilots!

Let’s have a look at the new contents!

New mode “Fun Days of Summer”

Sunshine, soda, sweat and sport are the theme of this new game mode!

In the S5 season, players will engage “Fun Days of Summer” mode when matchmaking in Battle Royale games.

In the “Fun Days of Summer” mode, there will be a new way to obtain resource supply: Beach Ball. Beach balls have limited movement range and drop random loot when hit, or massive advanced items when smashed. If you met the Beach Ball, please smash it to obtain massive items!

Moreover, new vehicles and new items will be available! Players may obtain the new Springboard which can be called for 30 seconds to assist players to gain a higher position for battle. Players can also use the new vehicle Ball Launcher Deformed Car to drive across the battlefield and stand out in a match!

New Season Skin, Activate your Combat Spirit

For any sports match, the sportsman has to change into his uniform. While the uniform protects the player from damage, it also provides an enchanting aura. In the summer match of the S5 season, pilots also change into their new outfit!

Former agent and Ace pilot, Rom now becomes a fencing player! Changing into a white fencing uniform, he shall prove his fencing skill on the battlefield and defeat all enemies who stand on his path!

With his mastery of archery skills, Raven bears the honor as the archery champion in Mecha City. The high-tech bow in his hand is the symbol of his sheer archery skills! On the battlefield, Raven shall never let his pray escape, aim and shoot!

New Weapon Hydra Missile

In S5 new Season, an anti-Mecha weapon “Hydra Missile” will be available! Fire rockets to destroy your enemies in this summer fever!

Hydra Missile is an anti-Mecha weapon for both short and middle range. It can deal great damage to enemies’ Mecha. Compared to Grenade Launcher which can deal great damage, the rockets of Hydra Missile change its trajectory after it flies a certain amount of time, giving a critical hit to enemies. Hydra Missile is rapid-firing AP rockets that deal more damage to mecha, but less damage to pilots due to insufficient fragments. Moreover, the high fire rate is at the expense of stability, making the trajectory harder to control. Therefore, it is recommended for use in mid-range combat.

Pilot Personalization, Customize and Create your Exclusive Pilot!

In this new update, Pilot Personalization will be available! Through this system, players can add head ornaments, back ornaments to the skin, customizing their pilots, creatingtheir pilot. Create your own enchanting pilots, give your enemies an exclusive visual attack!

That’s all about the new content of S5 Season. Did we whet your appetite?

The agents of Mecha City will be bringing more and more new Mechas, characters, and systems in the future! Stay tuned!

Sweat, sport, and passion!

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