Ragnarok Mobile Maintenance Changelog for July 30th

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Ragnarok M Eternal Love officially announced from their Facebook page that they will be having a scheduled server maintenance for July 30, 2020 at exactly 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time) for both Eternal Love and Midnight Party server.

During the maintenance all players will not able to access and play the game. However, players will be rewarded with “ABUNDANT” items as compensation to their in-game mail.

The scheduled maintenance will also introduced new content for the game especially for the upcoming events.

Below are the Change log updates.

New Contents

4th-Job Rune will be available after the maintenance

  • Each class will have 2 new S tier Rune-star, only available to 4th-Job ascendary.
  • 3 New Skill runes slots and 4 attributes rune slots
  • Attribute Runes can level up to 15.
  • New items in Brave’s Holy Emblem such as Glittering Rune Stone – Star.
  • New items in Big Cat Store such as Glittering Rune Stone – Star (20% discount)
  • Singra Master Box added new mission for Louyang Region

New Headwear items for 4th-job Ascendary

  • After finishing the mission for 4th-job, new headwear will be available for its class it will be unlocked after the maintenance.
  • Thanatos Tower added a new Evil Sword Store. Players who finished Rune Master Job advanced quest Gaze into the Abyss can go to NPC Julius to purchase the Evil Sword Weapon transmog.

New Collectable item and toys.

  • After finishing the collectable items set, adventurer can claim certain rewards from the Adventurer Handbook – Collectable item page. (Note: Most of the Collectable Toys can only be used in Towns or out in the fields)

Wasteland World MVP (Dragon Skeleton)

  • At the northweast corner of the Wasteland, a new MVP monster will be spawn every 2-hours from (1:00 PM, 5:00PM and 6:00PM). Players will get tons of rewards when eliminating the MPV.

Brand new Mercenary Cat System

  • New quest mission Meow Inclusive in Prontera which will allow players to unlock the Advanced Mercenary Cat

Five New Pets

  • Two added Luoyang Areas for pet adventure

New Refine Rewards for Depositing in the Handbook

  • Added new effect for Drooping Baphomet Jr., Cap of Blindness, Loki’s Whisper, Baby Owl, and Merchant Tail when refining to +8.

Six New Cards to craft to King Poring

  • Kitty Wonderland Card
  • Mysteltain ★ Card
  • Mutant Dragon ★ Card
  • Rafflesia ★ Card
  • Alice ★ Card
  • Clock Tower Manager ★ Card

New Assistant Voucher added to the NPC Mitt’s Store

Prontera NPC Sif store added Valkyrie’s Gift and some new furniture items.

Game Optimization

  1. Oracle Dungeon casualization: When finished certain difficulties, you will receive the rewards for that difficulty as well as all the rewards for the lower difficulties. So that adventurers don’t have to finish all the difficulties.
  2. GVG Notice Optimization: When your guild has an occupied castle, there will be a notice in the guild chat room if any guild members occupied any other castles.
  3. Echoing Corridor Optimization
  • Optimization the monster spawning areas, reduce the chance of being killed right after entering a room
  • Removed the Wraith monster that can teleport away
  • Fixed “Leaf of Yggdrasil” item can be used in Echoing Corridor
  • Optimization for the situation when any party members went offline during the Echoing Corridor instance.
  1. Wasteland Optimization:
  • Daily Elite Monster reward boxes are not affected by Battle Time
  • Nerfed certain elite monsters
  • Buffed certain skills from “Yggdrasil Spirit”
  • The fallen tree trunks are not able to be targeted while auto farming
  • Reduced certain elite monsters’ respawn cooldown: elites with respawn CD of 30 minutes are now respawning every 15 minutes; elites with respawn CD of 60 minutes are now respawning every 30 minutes
  • Buffed the effect of transform structure in the Wasteland
  1. MVP Panel Optimization
  • You can now mark your favorite MVPs, the ones you marked as favorite will be displayed on the top.
  1. Thanatos Tower Optimization
  • There is a Mysterious researcher NPC who knows about the “Rathgricy – Fallen Feather”. For those who have already finished “Angel Wing Feather Exaltation” mission can go to Thanatos Tower area and talk to NPC Anniru to exchange “Rathgricy – Fallen Feather” with 6 “Angel Snow Feather”
  • “Angel Snow Feather” can be exchanged with 1000 Rune Coins
  1. Puzzle Event Panel Optimization
  • New Mission Description, click the mission panel to check the detailed Mission Descriptions
  • New Event Calendar Button, click “Calendar” button to access the Event Button Panel
  • Optimization for “Currently running Mission” timer, the Currently running Mission will have a remaining timer to inform you how much time you have left.
  1. Cake Battle Optimization
  • New qualification terms: when all the party members enter the Cake Battle instance, the system will check if everyone is qualified for the rewards. If someone is not qualified, there will be a notice;
  • Optimization the Battle Time Rule Description;
  • Optimization Crystal Skill Display.
  1. Skill Optimization: You are now able to cast “Prepare for Elite” skill when using “Warg Rider”
  2. During GvG, when a party member defeats an enemy target, everyone else in the party will receive 20 Honor Points instead of 10.
  3. More costume appearances are available to Doram Race
  4. Merchant Kart is now available to change appearance with transmog features. Merchant Karts can now be saved in the Handbook
  5. Mount item Panel Optimization: Mount items, and Pet monster Egg items now have Unlock/Deposit reward stats in the item description.
  6. King Poring Card Craft feature is now supported with fast purchase.
  7. Item “Deathcat Cape” is now able to be socketed.
  8. Origin Skill Panel Optimization: Optimized the UI display of Origin Skill Panel
  9. Mission Optimizations
  • Fixed the issue with mission [Honey Thief] sometime lost tracking
  • Fixed the issue with mission [Invitation to Death] cannot be finished
  • Changed the terms of Assistant Growth Plan 3 “Kill a person by accident”
  • Fixed the issue with mission “Forest Robber” dispel the horong steps cannot be finished
  • Fixed the issue with mission Saint advance quest lost tracking after re-entered the game.
  • The mission Luoyang riddle is now available only to adventurers with base levels of 100 and above.
  • Fixed the issue with Assistant’s mission being reset
  • Mercenary Cat Daily rewards is “Kitty Coin” *4
  • Fixed the issue with Mercenary Cat Daily mission cannot reset.

Issue Fixed

  1. Fixed the issue with base level 150 and above adventurers not able to use “Brand-new Adventure Voucher”
  2. Fixed the issue with Wasteland climate change features not lasting desired durations.
  3. Fixed the issue with skill “Steel Body” not compatible with certain items
  4. Fixed the issue with certain skill will cause auto attack to have delay timer
  5. Fixed the issue with Super Novice class skill reset bug
  6. Fixed the issue with toy item “Thermal Rift”
  7. Optimized Wasteland Mission Display
  8. Fixed the issue with skill “Photon Cannon” being affected in “Earth Field”
  9. Fixed the issue with “Giant Egg” scenery not able to unlock
  10. Fixed the issue with skill “Homunculus Synthesis”
  11. Fixed the issue with certain headwear like “Star Marina” causing avatar display malfunction
  12. Fixed the issue with Skill “Dark View”’s darkness effect can be cleansed
  13. Fixed the issue with certain monsters in Wasteland Map not able to be damaged.
  14. Fixed the issue with skill “Kitty Transformation” display malfunction
  15. Fixed the issue with skill “Tide Shield” can cause teammates to lose SP
  16. Fixed the issue with skill “Moon Chant” buff malfunction
  17. Fixed the issue with Pet Cherry Snow Spirit Monster Egg’s skill
  18. Fixed the issue with skill “Eden Team Blessing” not able to put in “Prepare for Elite”
  19. Fixed the issue with skill “Sit Down Elegantly” malfunction
  20. Fixed the issue with certain skills’ cooldown malfunction
  21. Fixed the issue with skill “Covered Shot” having no effect
  22. Fixed the issue with “Chirp Skylark blueprint” not able to be unlocked
  23. Fixed the issue with item “Heilion Bracelet” having no effect to skill “Soul Breaker”
  24. Fixed the issue with item “Imperial Guard” having no effect
  25. Fixed the issue with skill “Homunculus Synthesis” not compatible with skill “Faith Pray”
  26. Fixed the issue with skill “Repentance” damage counting as Magic Damage
  27. Fixed the display issue with headwear “Twisted Candy Bag”
  28. Fixed the issue with skill “Accurate Hunting” causing Fly Wing to have more CD
  29. Fixed the issue with item “Delicious Bamboo Shoots” not being able to trade on the Exchange
  30. Fixed the display issue with Oracle Dungeon weekly passing times
  31. Fixed the issue with damage absorb Shield preventing the skill added debuff.
  32. Fixed the issue with mount item skills
  33. Fixed the issue with missing items in Mitt NPC Store
  34. Fixed the issue with Energy Ring item description
  35. Fixed the issue with mission “Invitation to Death” missing quest NPC
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