ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, Burning Style Line-up Guide

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If you’ve been looking for ways on how to strengthen your line-up on ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest. In this guide, we will help you create one of the best line-up that you can use in the game.  Hopefully this guide will help you achieve higher battle power with the very useful Burning Style Line-up combination. The main purpose of this lineup is to utilize the burning effect of the following heroes/monsters for a longer period of time, a very effective strategy against the enemy to get the full potential damage.

Here are some heroes that you can pair with the Burning Style capability.

Genos + Lightning Max + Blue Fire

For our basic combination, we are going to use Genos, Lightning Max and Blue Fire. While for the advanced combination, we can add Subterranean King, Terrible Tornado and Vaccine Man.

For easy reference, here is the table guide with the character’s photo.

Basic Combination

Lightning Max

Blue Fire
Advanced Combination

Lightning Max

Blue Fire

Subterranean King 

Terrible Tornado

Vaccine Man

First recommendation is to deploy Genos and Lightning Max, these two characters can be easily obtained and free during the game. So, we expect you already have these heroes in your character list.

These two characters have the burning attack and skill that are ideal for the lineup. With the addition of other SSR heroes, this will be epic. Below are their attack ranges and skills.


Attack RangeColumn
Machinegun BlowsAttacks a single target with 5 consecutive strikes, dealing damage by 100% ATK.
Incineration CannonsAttacks enemies in a column with 4 consecutive strikes, dealing damage by 140% ATK. Has a 100% chance to burn the main target.
Relentless (Passive)When an enemy is burning, enters Berserk state. Damage increases by 30%. Permanently increases HP.

Lightning Max

Attack RangeSingle
Lightning KickDeals damage to a single target by 100% ATK. Has a 100% chance to burn the target.
Lightning Flying Backwards Roundhouse KickDeals damage to a single target by 200% ATK. Has a 100% chance to stun the target for 1 round.
Plan of Action (Passive)Deals bonus damage on burning enemies by 100% ATK. Permanently increases HP.

Basic Combination (Genos + Lightning Max + Blue Fire) – As a trio of SR characters, Blue fire is easier to level up. On the other hand, his row-attacks will quickly get rid of enemies that are positioned in the front. Teaming up with Genos and Lightning Max will maximize the potential damage of the lineup.

Advanced Combination (Genos + Lightning Max + Blue Fire + Subterranean King + Terrible Tornado + Vaccine Man) – with the added SSR heroes, Subterranean King has a passive skill and follow up counter attack that can do a burning effect against the targets. When an enemy that is in burning state attacks your lineup, Subterranean King will perform a counter attack against that enemy, up to 3 times each round. He also has an active skill that will attack targets in a row while dealing SSR-level damage. A must have hero for every line up 😉

Terrible Tornado, one of the super popular characters in ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest, she has the biggest attack range of all heroes as her skill can attack all of the enemies lineup in any position, whether on its front or in the back. Also, her passive skill Focused Rage which can increase her Tornado’s CRIT damage by 30% for every injured enemy. A good way of maximizing your lineup damage.

The last but not the least, actually he is the first to appear as your monster enemy in the game, SSR Vaccine Man. He has a passive skill Earth Savior that can maximize its damage effect, when an enemy target is suffering from Damage Over Time (DoT), Vaccine Man can deal 50% damage towards all DoT enemies. It will also permanently increase its HP as well.  

A warm reminder for everyone, players who will try out this Burning Style lineup should also hoard enough Hi-Tech materials, this will help you maximize the full potential of your heroes and monsters.  If you have any ideas, tips or guides that you’d like to share with us, comment it down below and we might future your guides on the next article.

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