Monster Photography Guide on Wasteland in Ragnarok Mobile

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In the new map of Luoyang City, the wasteland map is the first map that has lots of mini game that you can play in Ragnarok M Eternal Love and one of those mini game are the photo capture or “Monster Photography”. Basically, you have to take picture of the number of monsters in one photo depending on the condition displayed in the screen. Players has only 60 seconds to complete taking photo of the monsters.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Monster Photography
  2. Answering the Question Correctly
  3. Less than “<” means not Needed
  4. Three or more Questions (+,<,>,=)
  5. Tips
  6. Rewards

In this guide, we will help you how to answer and perform correctly the monster photography.

How to Monster Photography

To do the quest for Monster Photography, you need to go Wasteland map first. Then just on the upper corner where you teleport, there is an NPC named Tristan.

Talk to this NPC and asked for the Monster Photography mini game, after you talk just select Tristan’s Invitation.

It will allow you to select from 3 different game. Choose Monster Photography.

Then Game Starts.

Answering the Question Correctly

Per round, you only have roughly 60 seconds to answer the question correctly and your goal is to capture the number of monsters depending on the condition displayed on each round. Depending on the stage level, the total rounds starts at 5 per game and when players get 3 total correct answer, it will automatically complete.

To answer the question condition correctly, for those who are still confused with greater than “>” and less than “<” symbol, here are some set of examples that can help you recap these math.

ConditionNumber of Monsters
Poring < 3(Optional) 2 or fewer Poring Monster/s
Poring < 2(Optional) 1 or fewer Poring Monster/s
Poring < 1(Optional) 0 Poring Monster/s
Poring < 0(Optional) 0 Poring Monster/s
Poring > 01 or more Poring Monster/s
Poring > 12 or more Poring Monster/s
Poring > 23 or more Poring Monster/s
Poring < 3, Lunatic > 12 Poring
2 or more Lunatic Monster/s
Poring < 0, Lunatic > 00 Poring
1 or more Lunatic Monster/s
Poring = 3, Lunatic < 1exactly 3 Poring
0 Lunatic Monster/s
Poring = 1, Lunatic = 1exactly 1 Poring
Exactly 1 Lunatic Monster/s
Poring > 3, Lunatic < 54 or more Poring monster
(Optional) 4 or fewer lunatic.

It is also important not to capture monsters that are not included in the condition, or else you’ll get a “failed to shoot”

Less than “<” Means not Needed

When you encounter a less than symbol “<“, this means optional, you don’t actually need to take photo of this monster. If all questions are all in less than, just shoot up into the sky.

Why its optional? Because the “<” symbol means any numbers that are less than to it are true which includes number zero.

Three or more Questions (+,<,>,=)

When you reach stage 5 in Monster Photography, there will be additional questions added and it will be more difficult than the previous stages. We will discuss here how to answer those questions correctly.

In this example Poring + Lunatic > 3, Angeling < 2, the goal for this question is you need to take a total of 4 or more photo from any of Poring and Lunatic Monsters, it means, you can add them up. Example 2 Poring + 5 Lunatic. Then Optional of Angeling 1 or fewer.

Here are set of examples.

ConditionNumber of Monster
Poring + Lunatic > 3, Angeling < 2Atleast 4 photo of any of this monsters (Poring or Lunatic)
(Optional) 1 or fewer Angeling
Poring + Lunatic = 5, Angeling > 1Exactly 5 photo of any monsters of this (Poring or Lunatic)
Atleast 2 photo of Angeling
Poring + Lunatic < 6, Angeling < 5(Optional) All questions are less than symbol
No need to take a photo of any monsters.
Poring + Lunatic > 1, Angeling > 0Atleast 2 photo of any monsters of this (Poring or Lunatic)
1 or more photo of Angeling
Poring = 0, Lunatic = 1, Angeling = 3Poring = 0
Lunatic = 1
Angeling = 3


The only tips we can give you guys is, when every time you see a less than symbol “<“ in the question, you don’t actually need to take photo of these monsters, those are just optional.

This tip will help you reduce the required monster to take a photo.


The following are the rewards you’ll get from clearing each stages.

15 Strength Potion, 10,000 Zeny
2250 red bilog, 10,000 Zeny
3400 skull, 20,000 Zeny

That’s it! Thank you for reading this guide guys.

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