Marvel Duel envisions a fully realised and vivid 3D Marvel Universe

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Seven stunning characters — Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Hela, Star-Lord, and Elektra — all adorn the home page of this all-new mobile card game. Truly exquisite 3D modeling highlights every texture of Spider-Man’s suit, every line in Iron Man’s armor, and even the golden shimmer of Captain Marvel’s glow. While matching takes place, you can watch their signature moves play out as they perform their classic poses and iconic movements.

From the start of the game, you’re quickly thrust into electrifying fights, complete with in-game graphics offering unparalleled immersion and immediacy. Characters leap out of cards and engage in intense combat. Spider-Man swings into action with his webbing while Hawkeye’s arrows whiz into opponents. Each character’s exclusive voice and actions add an authentic narrative to each and every duel.

Fast-paced battles allow your all-star line-ups to unleash their superpowers and abilities with unparalleled speed in truly epic battles. In combat, you’ll find a plethora of weapons, traps, and abilities, each alluding to your favorite Marvel characters and moments. With fabulous effects, detailed gameplay and character-led choreography combined, you can immerse yourself in a truly authentic Marvel story of your own creation.

Download MARVEL Duel now and construct your own decks without limits, while glorious in-game visuals bring the Marvel universe to life at your fingertips!

You can now download the game at

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