How to Restart Mission on Destroy All Humans

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Uncompleting the objective for each mission on Destroy All Humans are commonly avoidable, especially if you’re new on the game. For some reason, there are no restart mission when you’re trying to go to Mission tab, making other players unable to retry completing the objectives without creating a new game.

The advantage of completing the objectives is it gives you DNA points rewards that you can use to upgrade Crypto abilities and your Flying Saucer such us increasing the duration of disguising other human species to help you with your mission.

If you didn’t figure out how to replay the mission in Destroy All Humans, we will teach you where you can find it in the game – it’s just hidden on some tabs.

How to Restart Mission

To restart the mission, from Pox’s Lab, simply go to Archives tab.

Then select Holopox Deck, this will show you all of the available mission you’ve already completed.

You can then select the mission you’d like to replay. Hit the Replay button.

From here, it will asked you to confirm for a Restart Mission. Select Yes to restart it.

Using the Holopox dex will allow you to replay the mission and do other handy, invasion improving activities. Basically to get a perfect star for each mission.

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