How to Boost Core Hero and Lineup in ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest

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Are you enjoying playing ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest so far? The game has been steadily increasing its popularity in South East Asia region and even some fans outside the region wanted this game to be release in their country as well. Due to this popularity and flocks of player, there are lots of new players are still figuring out how to boost their core hero and lineup to catch up with other players.

Table of Contents

  1. What are Core Heroes
  2. List of All Core Heroes
  3. Boosting Core Heroes
  4. Best SSR heroes for every Lineup
  5. Strategic Lineup Formation

In this guide, we will focus on boosting your core heroes, line up stats, and picking up the best hero to strategically increase the overall damage, defense and energy of your line up.

What are Core Heroes

Currently, there are 6 core heroes, each of these core heroes has an basic and advance effect that will grant your lineup additional energy, damage, defense, summon or buffs. The core skills can also be evolve to unlock new effect and new skill.

Core Heroes number one usefulness is its Basic Effect, which grants you extra Energy Points that you can use for casting more skills during the battle. However, each Core heroes has specific condition to acquire these Energy Points. Just like with Genos, you can get 2 Energy points during the battle when your character is in Berserk status per round.

In the other hand, the Advanced Effect will grant additional buff to your line up. Like for Genos, it grants additional 10% of Attack.

The only requirement to acquire those additional effect, your line up needs to have specific class lineup for it to be activated. In Genos, Basic Effect requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers and 1 Hi-Tech, while Advanced Effect requires additional 1 Esper.

List of All Core Heroes

For reference, here are list of core heroes and its skill effects.

Core HeroesSkill Effect


Justice Power

Basic Effect: When your characters are in the Berserk status, you immediately gain 2 energy. Can only trigger once per round.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech)

Advanced Effect: Increases ally ATK by 10%
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech, 1 Esper)

Child Emperor

Prodigy Power

Basic Effect: Grants 2 Energy when allies land a critical hit. Can only trigger 4 times per battle.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech)

Advanced Effect: Increases ally ULT DMG by 30% in the first round
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech, 1 Esper)

Amai Mask

Idol Power

Basic Effect: Restores 6 Energy when defeating an enemy character. Can only trigger once per battle.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech)

Advanced Effect: Your first character to take action each round gain the Berserk effect.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech, 1 Esper)

Doctor Genus

Gene Power

Basic Effect: When your character restore HP, you immediately gain 2 Energy. Can only trigger once per round.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech)

Advanced Effect: Whenever front row characters are defeated, a clone is summoned. Up to 2 clones can be summoned to each character position.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech, 1 Esper)

Deep Sea King

Deep Sea Power

Basic Effect: When your characters block attacks, you immediately gain 1 Energy. Can only trigger 4 times per round.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech)

Advanced Effect: Increases your team’s DMG reflect by 30%.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech, 1 Esper)

Mosquito Girl

Bloodied Power

Basic Effect: Grants 1 Energy per round. Grants 5 Energy at the start of the third round.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Esper)

Advanced Effect: At the start of the third round, a defeated ally character returns to battle with 60% HP.
(Requires 1 Duelists, 1 Grapplers, 1 Hi-Tech, 1 Esper)

Aside from above basic skill effect, players can also evolve the core skill at the Home Laboratory, where you’d be needing some Chips and Research Result item for you to upgrade these skills.

Boosting Core Heroes

When you’re at Level 1 to 50, Core Heroes will only have those basic effect we listed above. But when you reach further more level and activated the Laboratory, this is the time you can evolve the Core skill of your Core Heroes.

For this guide, we will use Genos as an example, so everyone can relate since this is the most common Core heroes in the game. Once you’ve unlock Laboratory, you can now upgrade their core skills, which adds additional stats for every level you upgrade. It will also unlock alternative new core skill that has different Advanced effect as well as improve basic core skill at the 4th unlock.

Core skill can be upgraded when all core parts are upgraded to the same level. For example, when all core parts reaches level 1, you can then upgrade the core skill to level 1.

The material use to level up the parts can be obtained from the following quest:

  • Home Request
  • Research Materials
  • Core Trial
  • Mall (Tournament Coins, Contribution)

Once the Core heroes evolves, it will unlock new perks for your core hero and unlocks new core skills. The maximum level perks for Research Evolution is at Lv. 20.

Here is the list of example perks for Genos Core skill upgrades.

1Activate any to add 500 Energy Gauge at battle start
2All Characters DoT (Damage Over Time) Rate + 3%
3All Characters DoT Rate +3%
4New Core Skill Extreme – Justice Power
5All Characters C.ATK Rate +3%
6All Characters C.ATK Rate +3%
7Activate any to add 500 Energy Gauge at battle start
8All Characters DoT Rate +3%
9All Characters DoT Rate +3%
10New Core Skill Special Justice Power
11All Characters C.ATK Rate +3%
12All Characters C.ATK Rate +3%
13Activate any to add 500 Energy Gauge at battle start
14All Characters DoT Rate +3%
15All Characters DoT Rate +3%
16All Characters DoT Rate +3%
17New Core Skill Crushing Justice Power
18All Characters C.ATK Rate +3%
19All Characters C.ATK Rate +3%
20All Characters C.ATK Rate +3%
TotalAll Characters DoT Rate +21%, C.ATK Rate +21, Activate any to add 1,500 Energy Gauge at battle start and 3 New Core Skill

It will not only provide additional boost during the battle, but also gives you a bonus Battle Points (BP) when you activated and upgraded all of other Core Heroes character in the Laboratory.

Initially, there is one slot for Core Heroes that will give you a Total Bonus when you’ve upgraded the Core heroes. The Total Bonus is automatically added to the overall lineup.

Additional BP Bonus slot can then be activated when your account reaches Lv. 55, Lv.65, Lv. 75, Lv. 85 and Lv. 95, the more you fill the available slot with core heroes the more you’ll get bonus BP.

Best SSR monsters for Every Lineup

For the best SSR monsters for every lineup in ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest is the Subterranean King, this monster is not just an effective AOE Row Burner but effective match for every lineup that you think of.

The secret lies to its combination of Passive and active skill, the Lightblade Slash and the Underground King. It’s AOE Lightblade Slash will give a damage and burn effect to main target and a 50% chance to grant burn effect to other targets in the front row. If those enemies with burned effect attack to your lineup, Subterranean King will immediately do a follow up attack against the enemies without losing any turns.

It is very effective to any lineup because this monsters is independent and already have its own burn effect that utilize its passive follow-up attack. But ofcourse, putting a Core Heroes that at-least 2 Energy points for every round will give advantage to your lineup.

Slash LightbladeAttacks a single target with 2 consecutive strikes for 130% ATK (+1000) damage.
Subterranean Rage

Cost: 2 Energy
Attacks each enemy in a row with 5 consecutive strikes that deals 140% ATK (+1022) damage, with a 100% chance to afflic the main target with Burn for 2 rounds (60% ATK as DoT), and a 50% chance to afflict targets in the same row with Burn effect for 2 rounds (60% ATK as DoT).
Underground KingAfter an enemy in the Burned state has taken action, Subterranean King immediately launches a Follow-up attack with 80% basic ATK DMG and effect, up to 3 times each round.

Permanently increases HP by (???)

To make Subterranean King more effective, you also need to raise its ATK stat for more damage. You can do that by putting up gears that contains stats for ATK. For example, a blue gear item that has 1,000+ ATK.

Aside from gears, you can also get more ATK damage from the Exclusive Item the Keepsake Light Blade Subterranean. We have no data for the default ATK value for here, but when it reaches level 47 and unlock 1-star, you’ll get ATK + 1022 and ATK + 12%.

You can also activate the additional perks by collecting specific heroes and monsters. For subterranean King, you need to collect Alpha (Tank-Top Master, Puri-puri Prisoner, Deep Sea King and Sky King), and Subterranean Clan (Subterranean, Subterranean Brute and Subterranean Champion). The total attack damage you can get in the perks is 20% + ATK.

Limit Break, next goal is to level up its Limit Break, each upgrade in limit break will give specific additional ATK, like for example in upgrading to 4-star, you’ll get a total of ATK + 300.

Lastly, the Journey Goal. If you’ve scrolldown to character Journey there is a specific objectives that you need to achieve in order to get additional stat. For Subterranean King, you’ll get an additional +600 ATK by unlocking objective which is unlocking the Limit Break for (Subterranean King, Deep Sea King, Groribas, Carnage Kabuto to 3 stars).

Other than increasing characters stats, there are many more ways on increasing the lineup stats, we will not go through to each but you can get more from the following:

  • Figurine (Home)
  • Training (Home)
  • Memory (Saitama)
  • Talent (Saitama)

Strategic Lineup Formation

Aside from increasing lineup Battle Points (BP), there is a strategic ways on winning the battle even though you have fewer Battle Points than your enemy. This is by picking up the best hero for the line up and making a formation which will give you the best defense system for your heroes and monsters. Formation are very important for auto battle and for arena in which your lineup will automatically battle without your control.

Don’t forget to add a Core Hero to your lineup to give extra Energy Points, then Subterranean King for damage and burn effect. Then lastly, other 4 characters of your choice that will assist your lineup and give more fire power.

In Front Row, always put the characters with highest defense or health. This is important so that you be able to protect your important characters from taking a damage.

In the Back Row, place the most important characters with the highest damage or buff. The purpose is to make less damage to your last line of defense and they will be the remaining characters who will fight at the end of the battle.

That’s pretty everything for this guide. If you haven’t downloaded yet the ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest, you can get it from Google Play and App Store. You may also visit their official Facebook Fan page and website:

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