How to Abduct Cows on Destroy All Humans (Cornered Beef)

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In the Turnipseed Farm, there is a specific quest called Abduction – Cornered Beef, where you’ll be abducting cows for research. Orthopox said “We need to collect samples for further research. I’ve marked the drop zone. Hurry up: Earth’s axial rotation combined with its polluted atmosphere makes it impossible to target lock the Colossal Abduct-O-Beam Orbital Transporter for long!”.

Basically, you need to abduct those cows and you have to use the Abduct-O-Beam and throw the cows in the circle drop zone to deliver it to the mothership.

You only have roughly 2-minutes to finish the mini game and your goal is to get at least 1-star which is equivalent to 15 cows. Getting 3-star will also reward you additional 1,000 DNA.

How to Abduct Cows

When the rounds starts, there will be a blue drop zone circle that will appear in the field, you need to jump off and reach near the circle that has hoard of cows. Using jetpack is very effective for moving around ahead of the moving drop zone circle.

Then point your cursor to the cow and use the Abduct-O-Beam (For pc, its right-click mouse button).

Once you’ve captured the cow, you need to throw it straight to the moving blue drop-zone (releasing the mouse right-click for PC). To be effective, you need to point it on the center and top of it.

You need to do it quickly for you to get the minimum quota. However, you can retry the game as many as you can until you’ll reach the 3-star.

You may also watch this video for complete walkthrough.


When you completing the task by reaching atleast 1-star, you’ll get the following rewards.

  • 1-star – 200 DNA
  • 3-star – 1,000 DNA

That’s it guys! This is one of the few guides we will be covering for the Destroy All Humans alien game.

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