Earth Women Are Delicious Guide in Destroy All Humans

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For the second mission in Destroy All Humans, titled Earth Woman Are Delicious. Crypto has been tasked with different objective specifically using the disguising skills and the introduction of Abduct-O-Beam weapon of your Flying Saucer.


Here are the list of objectives for Mission 2 – Earth Woman are Delicious:

  1. Find a fitting test subject
    1. Enter the fair
    2. Scan human minds
    3. Scan Miss Rockwell
  2. Abduct the test subject
    1. Hypnotize Miss Rockwell
    2. Escort Miss Rockwell to the saucer
    3. (Optional Objectives) Escort Miss Rockwell posing as the Mayor
  3. Get into the Saucer
    1. Board the Saucer
  4. Wreck havoc on the Fair
    1. Destroy the fair buildings
    2. (Optional Objectives) Destroy buildings with the Abduct-O-Beam

In this guide, we will show you all of the details on how to complete each tasks.

Find a fitting Test Subject

The mission will start by erasing the memory of the first human in the mission that spotted you. You need to reach near the folks and use the Forget skill to erase his memory (In PC, Press X on the keyboard).

After that, with the same folks, you need to use Holobob (For PC, Press F on keyboard) on him to disguise yourself.

As you roam around the area, your Holobob skill will be degraded, you need to refresh your Holobob for it to work for a longer period of time. Find any person in the area and use Refresh Holobob (In PC, Press R on your keyboard).

Basically, your first major objective is to reach the Fair. Simply enter the gate and Pox will give you more details.

Once you’ve reach the fair, your next object to scan human minds and find the fitting test subject. You don’t have to scan each of the humans in the fair, you just need to scan those with ? marks in their head. The indicator are also shown in the map that has blue hexagon shapes.

The first one is near the gate area, just outside the backyard cow farm. You need to use Cortex Scan (In PC, Press R in keyboard) to test the subject.

The second one is seating at the entrance of the Ferris Wheel.

The third one is in the stage, basically the Mayor talking in the rally.

The last one is Miss Rockwell, inside the red/yellow large tent. You’ll find inside Miss Rockwell posing on the stage.

After completing scanning the 4 human species, Pox will tell you which one of them are the test subject which is basically Miss Rockwell.

Abduct the Test Subject

You need to abduct Miss Rockwell for you to get her using the Implant Command (In PC, Press E on keyboard). Once done, Miss Rockwell will follow you, you need to escort her to the ship.

There is an optional objective that you need to disguise as the Mayor. For you to disguise as the mayor, you need at the back of the stage and use the Holobob.

Once done disguising as the mayor, escort Miss Rockwell to the Flying Saucer. From time to time, you also need to recharge your Holobob or else your disguise will be gone and unable to complete the optional objective. Use Refresh Holobob to any human species near your area.

When reaching near the Flying Saucer, you’ll be able to complete the optional objective as well as escorting Miss Rockwell.

From here, Miss Rockwell will be entering to your ship for Test subject.

Get into the Saucer

In this part, you just basically need to enter the ship. (In PC, Press E to board the Saucer).

Wreck Havoc on the Fair

Once you’ve boarded the saucer, your primary objective is to destroy the fair. But there is an optional objective that you need to use Vehicles either car or tanks to destroy the buildings.

You need to use the Abduct-O-Beam to get the car, you just need to point to the vehicle and use the Abduct-O-Beam (In PC, Right-click and hold the mouse button).

Once you’re holding the vehicle, swing the vehicle and throw it on the building. You need to destroy 3 buildings to complete this optional objectives.

Once you’ve done the Optional Objectives, you can now freely destroy the remaining building in any method you want.

Once you’ve completed all of the objectives, you’ll get a 100% Mission Completion and unlock the 1,000 DNA rewards.

You may also watch this walkthrough video for the whole mission.

That’s it guys, we will be doing more tips and guides for Destroy All Humans, See Yah.

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