Best Strategy to Win Every Match in Warbound Storm

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NetEase newest RTS mobile game Warbound Storm is finally out in the Google Play Store for selected countries; the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Together with this, a lot of players are happy to try the newest RTS mobile game and there are already player who are doing good in the game and newbie players are finding ways on how to catch up in the game by winning every matches.

Table of Contents

  1. Build Crystal Mine as Early as Possible
  2. Building up Massive Dragon Troops
  3. Protect Your Main Building
  4. Wait for Opponents to do the First Attack
  5. Do the Strike

In this guide, we will help you maximize your resources and creating the best strategy to win the battle. Each match will have a maximum 15-minutes battle, to win the match your only objective is to destroy the main building of your opponent.

Build Crystal Mine as Early as Possible

In the first 1 to 3-minutes of the game, you need to build Crystal Mine as early as possible. In every map, there is up to 1 to 2 extra Mining site you can build.

The process is, build a barrack, create initial Crossbowman then move him to the Crystal mining site and build the building.

You don’t need to build a huge fortress for protecting the mining site, just build one to two Turrets besides the Crystal Mine will do the job. The most important, you don’t have to waste resources in the early game.

Then build some roaming troops (minimum of 7 troops) that you can use for attack or defense, this will depends on the aggression level of your opponents.

Example roaming troops are the following, which is easy to obtain during early game.

  • 4 x Crossbowman or (Any Attacker)
  • 2 x Crusader or (Any Self-heal/Tanker)
  • 1 x Anchoress or (Any Healer)

If your opponent are too aggressive, you have no choice but to defend your main camp with your roaming troops. If not, you can locate their other Crystal mine site (not in the opponent main camp) and attack its building.

Building up Massive Dragon Troops

Once you’re done putting up your Crystal mine, your next goal is to build a massive troops of flying dragons, these troops could be Fire Dragon, Giant Wyvern or the Skeleton Dragon. You will be using this as the Final Striking Force to attack the main building of your opponent.

Why? It’s simply very effective and one of the weakness of the game mechanic of Warbound Storm. With numbers of flying dragons like 8 to 10, the Turrets in opponents camp is no match with it unless there are still remaining ground units that are protecting the area.

You also need build 3 x Air Barracks for you to fasten the building up process of massive dragon troops.

Protect your Main Building

This guide will not work if you don’t protect your Main Building, make sure you need to build some fortress to defend your camp from any attack, especially the backstab of massive dragon force from your opponent.

Make sure to build Barrier and Turrets in the camp entrance as well and some range troops like Archers / Crossbowman in the area. This is to avoid ground troops from entering your camp.

Protect your Main building with Turrets, a lot of Turrets. Your Massive Troops must also near the Main Building to protect your camp if your opponents decided to draw their first move and do the first wave of attack. The archer in the entrance could also be use on protecting the main building when the enemy already reach your main building.

Wait for Opponents to do the First Attack

For your massive troops to be effective, you need to wait for your opponents to do their first attack. It’s because we want to have less troops in their camp before we do the strike.

Commonly, opponents will just spam Turrets in their main camp and when there are no longer troops protecting their camps, this is the best time to do your strike.

Do the Strike

After eliminating the troops during the first wave, send all your massive dragon troops to the enemy camp and only target the Main Building.

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