A Quick Guide to Up Coming Fighter: Khaleed (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)

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Khaleed is the new hero of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, it was recently featured by Chooxtv in his latest videos. He is a desert scimitar and has a role as fighter. His abilities are damage and regeneration, he is not recommended to be played in mid lane but rather than to roam in side lanes. He can go to middle lane if he needs to back up his team mates in clashing.

Table of Contents

  1. Khaleed Hero
  2. Skills
    1. Sand Walk
    2. Desert Tornado
    3. Quicksand Guard
    4. Raging Storm

Khaleed Hero

Khaleed is difficult to be use because his attacks are very predictable by the enemy, except in clashing. Although it is very predictable , once you caught up the dealt damage is high. It is recommended that you are fast learner with fast hands in using Khaleed since he is a complicated character to be use especially in his skill sets. You need to be wise using his skills in every situation , especially in clashing.

Khaleed can be combined to any hero depending how the players handle other heroes during battle. But the best heroes to unleash a good combo of Khaleed are Tigreal, Sun, Johnson, Benedetta , Faramis , Jawhead and Sillvana. Depending how the players handle Khaleed and the said heroes to have a high win rate.

Based from Chooxtv video about Khaleed, any item to be use will do as long as it is applicable to its situation. Like wise it will reduce your winning rate if you use the same item in every game. It is better to have revitalize in his equipped battle spell in order to reuse his second skill: quicksand guard which I going to explain below.


Sand Walk

Khaleed’s passive called Sand Walk it has the ability to fly and roam around the side lanes. It will allow to increase the speed of Khaleed while dashing his enemies in his range which slows them and dealt damage in his basic attacks. His passive skill will temporary lost when his steady or at rest.

Desert Tornado

His first skill is called Desert Tornado which create a leap or jump while attacking his enemy in its direction. Having a dealt damage to its enemies. Reusable depending how timing it is, at beginning it has long cool down, later in its middle game which it will reduce and very useful at kill spree.

Quicksand Guard

His second skill is called Quicksand guard it restores his health and creates a buff. You can use his second skill after using the first skill while clashing or pushing depending the level of his second skill. At the beginning the health restore is around 70 hp during middle game it will go higher at five seconds in every use. However once you moved Khaleed while activating his second skill will loss his ability to heal.

Raging Storm

His ultimate skill is called Raging Storm which create a sand storm and c stuns his enemies at 1 second. It is best to be used during clashing not one one situations . When using his ultimate make sure to hit at least two enemies or else it will be useless and can affect the game play set by your teammates. Be wise in using his ultimate to create a good combo during clashing.

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