Tetris Journey is the new Mobile Game from Tencent

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If you haven’t heard the news, during the live Tencent Games Conference, aside from revealing the Metal Slug Code J, they’ve also announced a new game called Tetris Journey. It is a tetris mobile game developed by Tencent and currently accepting pre-registration players in China.

Tetris Journey is designed with new strategy, puzzle elements and obstacles although you can still play the classic tetris with the original mode. The puzzle zone include with cute characters that will test the player skills. With various mode, the game will feature worlds tourist attraction and comes with over 300 levels to play.

It will also include a Battle Royale mode where players can compete with other players until there is only one survivor left. This mode is similar to the Nintendo Switch game, Tetris 99.

There is also interesting familiar mode similar to the Facebook web game Battle Tetris, where it has a special power that player can use to clear rows or boost their gameplay.

So far, there is very little information about the game and other media didn’t cover this story yet. The global release is not yet announced.

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