Tesda is now offering Game Programming Course to all Aspirant Filipino Game Developers

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Good news to all gamers and aspirant game developers, Tesda is now offering free game development courses for all Filipinos. The Game Programming NC III is a short Tesda course that will train students in basic, common and core components of game development, such as Designing game program logic, learning object-oriented programming language and applying skills for in-game application.

Graduates from this course may find employment from different gaming companies as a Game Developer, Tech Game Designer, Game Tester, Tools Programmer, Game Play Scripter and many more.

Based from the tools given in the curriculum, one of the game programming tools that you’ll be learning to use are Unity 3D, Game engines like Unreal and Cry Engine. IDE like Visual Studio, and Eclipse. The classic Adobe Flash was also mentioned, which are very useful for learning game programming from scratch using its easy to use Actionscript.

Regarding the training hours, the course has a nominal duration of 800 hours which covers all required core components for the game development and an additional of 300 hours for supervised-industry training (SIT). The overall training would last at-least 6 months.

However, applicant must have finished an NC-2 course before applying. You can check Tesda website for NC-2 courses they offered.

For those who wish to apply, you may contact your local TESDA offices after the quarantine is lifted in your localities and may enroll in the Game Programming course.

Since the quarantine is not yet lifted, for the meantime – you may also apply for other online courses offered by TESDA at https://www.e-tesda.gov.ph. Though game programming is not included in the online course, there are some ICT courses that you can learn like Android 4.0 Programming in Java, C# Fundamentals for Beginner, and SMART Android Mobile Apps Developement for beginners. They also offer non-it related course that might help you acquired new skills during this difficult time.

For the full curriculum of Game Programming course, you can check the PDF here: http://d.gaming.ph/70V4wH

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