Rules of Survival 624 Rush Hour Event, Celebrating its Two-and-Half-Year

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Rules of Survival, one of NetEase Games’ most popular titles is announcing the plan for “624 Rush Hour”, a series of two-and-a-half-year anniversary events beginning on June 24.

Survivors can claim anniversary-exclusive rewards, including Adv. Supply Coupon and Avatar Frame, by logging in during the event. Inviting new players or old pals to join this journey or purchasing the daily special pack at the event will secure extra gifts and rewards. An anniversary-exclusive experience “ROS Journey” will be launched to offer survivors an opportunity to relive their memories in ROS. Train and Drones will be introduced as new props to offer players a never-before battle experience.


Survivors can aboard the train to travel on new map routes and engage in a new combat mode that has never been done before. In this new mobile battle mode, survivors are free to get on and off the train or choose to fight in the train carriages and on the roofs. A notable feature of the train is the unlimited-ammo heavy machine gun mounted on the top of the locomotive. Make full use of it to turn the tides of battle. The train is also equipped with a special “Respawn Pod,” making reviving a teammate a possibility. Survivors can shoulder their teammates’ bodies to the Respawn Pod and revive them within a certain period of time after their death. As long as one survivor remains, there is hope for the whole team.


For survivors who excel in reconnaissance, the drone also brings the surprise element to the table with its ability to deal devastating attacks with its machine gun and its ability to blow itself up.


During the Half-Year Anniversary, survivors will gain another magic equipment “The Scroll.” The Scroll holds the treasure of Ninjas, and those who found the scroll can reveal the treasure within. Survivors will receive a treasure every time they found a scroll. The treasures will prove to be extremely helpful for players to overcome obstacles during the Half Year Anniversary.

ROS Journey

During the Half-Year Anniversary, survivors can take a trip down memory lane by embarking on a ROS Journey and reliving their first visit to Rules of Survival. It is important to revisit the memories of the journey survivors made during times of glory.

Half-Year Anniversary Benefits

Daily login rewards await! Enjoy a double amount of rewards when purchasing the daily special pack! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

To enjoy all these wonderful events for the Half Year Anniversary, please log in to the game NOW! Local competitions and various social media activities are currently in the works. Please keep an eye on the official fan page and stay tuned to future announcements. Have fun and enjoy the “624Rush Hour” Half Year Anniversary Event!

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