Project NEXT, Upcoming upgrades for Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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With the hype of League of Legends Wild Rift, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is ready to compete with their upcoming updates for their popular MOBA mobile game. The ambitious project that will be added to MLBB is called Project NEXT in which it targets to improves the overall aspects of the game from rework character 3D models, skill icons to textures, and many more.

The project NEXT of Mobile Legends Bang Bang are still in development and their developers are progressively working to renovate and improve their old classic heroes to become more align with the recent addition of heroes in MLBB.

In addition, the upgrades will also improve the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the game like its skills icon and HUD (Heads up Display). It will also target to update the story elements to reflects to the new mechanical changes. The 3D models of their characters are also plan to improves from character appearance, animation and their sound effects.

The big part of the update of project NEXT is the optimization and improvement of the game controls. The initial featured revealed was already revealed, the Smart Targeting which allows players to freely select target more accurately while using a precision based skills for some heroes. Other updates for game controls are yet to reveal.

One of the issue of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the limited view of the battlefield and since new mobile phones are much more powerful now and capable of handling intensive graphics, Moontoon is also adding the camera zoom outs and tilts functionality to allow players to freely see the whole map and helpful during battle.

Though details are scarce at the moment, what we do know is that Mobile Legends Bang Bang are ready to improve their game to be competitive with other MOBA mobile games.

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