Pre-registration starts for Tom and Jerry: Chase in SEA including the Philippines

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NetEase brand new game just started the pre-registration for the Tom and Jerry: Chase, a fast-paced and wild 1v4 battle mobile game for Android and iOS devices. Players from the South East Asia region will be available to play the game first, this includes Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, and East Timor.  

This fast-paced and wild game will allow players to join the 1v4 battle rounds where players can choose from two different side. The first side is you’ll be playing alone as Tom the cat and you’ll be hunting the mices. The other side is you’ll be playing with the other 3 players as Jerry the cat and make fun of Tom and snatch up cheese to win the rounds. Players can enjoy this fantastic game duel within 8 minutes.

Tom and Jerry will bring the the beloved childhood characters into a game, and you’ll be playing the characters as Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Spike and more. The game is for all ages and it comes with easy-to-understand game rules that everyone can play.

To celebrate the pre-registration launch, a special event is also being held don the official website. When the total number of pre-registrations reach certain thresholds, all players will receive special in-game rewards.

  • 30,000 pre-registrations = 1,000 Gold for all players.
  • 80,000 pre-registrations = 500 Perk Points for all players.
  • 150,000 pre-registrations = Happy Fairy Godmother Avatar x1 for all players.
  • 250,000 pre-registrations = Picture Avatar Frame x 1 for all players.
  • 400,000 pre-registrations = Permanent skin: Starry-eyed Youth x1 for all players.

You can now pre-register to the game at the following link:

You can also watch the gameplay video below.

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