PewDiePie is back to Playing Play-through Video Games for the Last of Us 2

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The legendary gamer is back – for now. You can finally watch PewDiePie playing play-through video games on his channel as he is streaming all of the chapter of Naughty Dog’s latest game, The Last of Us Part 2.

If you search walk-through of Last of Us part 1 on YouTube, PewDiePie play-through will always show on the first result – this only means that The Last of Us is one of the important contributing content to his channel. During the first part of his play-through stream, PewDiePie mentioned that he receives tons of message asking him to play The Last of Us 2 for weeks.

“It is one of the biggest playthrough that I’ve ever done on this channel. I’ve been getting messages weeks literally asking me ‘Are you gonna play it?’ and yes I’m gonna play it. It’s happening and here I am”, PewDiePie said on the video.

If you recall, PewDiePie is no longer playing play-through video games on his channel, mainly because he is not interested on it anymore especially to those games that he didn’t like and he wanted to be a genuine version of himself. And he admits that some of his reaction he made before are somewhat fake or over-acting.

Now, you can finally see your favorite game streamer of all time PewDiePie “genuinely” playing The Last of Us 2 on YouTube. (Spoiler Alert) You can watch the first part of his playthrough below. Enjoy and Brofist!

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