ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest exceeded 3M Downloads on Launch and was Featured on Google Play and Apple Store

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After the released of the first official authorized game One Punch Man The After the release of the first official authorized game ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest on June 16, 2020 to the South East Asia Region including the Philippines. The brand new anime game reached more than 1 million downloads on the first day of launch, over three million of downloaded the game till now. The game was also listed as the featured apps on both for the App Store and Google Play, and rank number 1 on top charts for most SEA countries.

During the pre-download period on June 5, the game climbs to the top free game in Apple App Store in just a matter of 3 hours. While in Google Play Store it reached the top free game charts after 2 days since it was released. By far they’ve received 19 recommendations from App Store & Google Play Store SEA, They’ve also received recognition and recommendations by hundreds of mainstream media.

ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest average rating on Google Play Store is currently at 4.5 Stars out of 5 from more than 28,000 reviews, while in Apple App Store it average at 4.3 Starts out of 5 from 316 reviews

The number of downloads just means that the game is super hype and popular among SEA players because of either its graphical quality, game design, original character voices and its storyline that are based from the anime, plus featuring the unbeatable protagonist of the game “Saitama”. But before that, ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest has been winning ever since during the pre-registration period, the number of pre-registered players for the game has achieved 4.7 million registration since it started the pre-registration last April 2020.

People think about the Game

If you browse down the rating page of the game from Google Play Store you’ll find most of the positive review. We handpicked some of the best reviews we found and what they think about the game.

The game is free to play friendly according to a one comment from Google The game is “free to play friendly” according to a review from Google Play Store. “Honestly, the game is very great because of the original cv by the cast and the storyline is based also to the original series. This is very convenient and free 2 play friendly game. Proud pay to progress player here to support the game for the little token. I’m excited for more updates! Thank you! You are the best game provider!”, Nikko Angelo Esteves said.

Some players find the game addictive and even asked the developer to reduce the regeneration of chocolate bars or the game stamina into half so that they can grind more in the game. “This game is really addicting…I am fans of OPM but I have few suggestions that the stamina should not take too long tu refill and maybe dev can reduce 50% of the stamina refill time so I can login frequently to play and complete task.Also for the future update can add more skills when battle for example the ultimate skill for character that has appeared in anime series…Keep up the good work…“, Muhd Bashar said in the review.

ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest Thankful Message

They achieved this success because of the great support of their fans and the people behind the game. The team sends a thankful message to everyone from their Facebook page. “We are thanking every player for your love for ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest. We achieved the grand opening only because of your support!! We will keep up with the hard work to serve you better in future!”

As a show of appreciation, ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest is also giving away a $19.99 worth of in-game items to all players. It contains the following items:

  • 500 Gems
  • 50,000 Coins
  • 30 EXP Soda III
  • 5 Epic Vouchers

The rewards will automatically sends to the in-game mail. If you check it right now, you’ll be going to receive the rewards.

Have you already played the ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest? If not yet, you can download the game from the links below or check their website and Facebook fanpage.

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