Metal Slug Code J Wallpaper, Concept Arts shows a Battle Royale Like Game

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The page for Metal Slug Code J is been already up and everyone in china can now pre-registered to the game. However, there is no date yet for global release and we may expect to see it later this year. It will be available on mobile devices for Android and iOS.

Interestingly, it shows an concept art that are similar to Battle Royale Game. In the concept art image, the antagonist characters are sky diving on the air and also shows they just dropped out from the cargo helicopter. Nonetheless, we were able to get some of this new wallpaper that you can use for your PC.

Wallpaper Download

You can download the other wallpaper for Metal Slug Code J below.

We also made some modded wallpaper that you can download and set to your desktop computers.

Enjoy guys! If you have further question or update with the game, checkout our exclusive Facebook page for Metal Slug Code J at

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