Metal Slug Code J is the brand new Mobile Game of SNK

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During the annual Tencent Games Conference, SNK released the first game trailer of the new Metal Slug Game, a mobile game dubbed as “Metal Slug Code: J”. The game was developed by TiMi Studios, a subsidiary development studio of Tencent Games.

After months of rumors regarding the upcoming Metal Slug game, we can finally see the beauty of it. The mobile game will be initially launch in China and they already started their pre-registration for Metal Slug Code J. Based from the game trailer it looks like a remake of the first series of Metal Slug 1 with added RPG like interaction.

Metal Slug was first released in the 90s, and right after 2009, they stopped releasing new sequel of the game. Though in the past years, they moved to mobile platform and made different spin-offs titles which are basically based from the original game assets.

For now, that’s all we know about the game. You can join our exclusive Facebook group for Metal Slug Code J at

You can also check their official website at

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