LifeAfter X Xiaomi Online Competition, Launch of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Pro

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Four Major Teams Battled It Out in Online Competition

Hot on the tails of LifeAfter’s brand-new updated Volcano Crisis, and the launch of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Pro, LifeAfter, NetEase Games’ doomsday survival game, played host to its first online live competition with Xiaomi on 31st May.  The event was led by popular live streamers and top players of LifeAfter from all over the world, delivering a thrilling and entertaining live competition. Viewers were able to support their favorite players and make predictions on match outcomes during the live stream.

Popular Stars Lead Top Global Players

Players from countries and regions across Southeast Asia and North America were able to participate in this live-streamed event.

LifeAfter has held a massive preliminary competition on May 19th, which attracted a total of 16 players from Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, United States and other regions to fight for 12 spots in the finale.

12 finalists were put into 4 teams, each representing the server they come from. They competed in a fierce competition hosted by the online sensation OfficialKai and popular influencers Prabu linggabumi, RidoMeyer, Rin CSM GAMING, and Babeh Lintar as team captains.

Four Teams Assembled To Fight For Glory

The LifeAfter live stream competition kicked off on 31st May at 8pm.

Participants not only required sharp controls and superb on-the-spot responses, but their tactical and communication skills between the captains and team members were also put to the competition.

To settle pre-match jitters, the teams warmed up by racing vehicles around their camp’s race tracks. Once OfficialKai signaled that the game had begun, one after another team members entered the Levin City New Area. Each team had 40 minutes to collect as many special tokens as possible by completing Reward Quests and Encounter Quests, playing Fantasy Island mini-games, and by using Vending Machines. Finally, they shared their collection total to the Scenario Channel, and the team with the most tokens won the championship.

As the competition came to an end after one-hour of battles, the players who performed well were granted generous rewards. Each member of the winning team received a Redmi Note 9 Pro. Members of the running up team each received a Redmi Note 9, and the members of the third-placed team received a Redmi Note 8T each.

Fans Show Their Support

During the live stream, excited viewers were able to support their favorite players and make predictions on match outcomes. Viewers rushed to share their match predictions on LifeAfter‘s and Xiaomi‘s social media via the Facebook voting feature. Three lucky viewers who shared their predictions were randomly selected to win a Redmi 7 phone and Mi Smart Sensor Set, two of whom were selected by the hosts during the live stream, and one of which was selected from the live comment section.

As a doomsday survival game, LifeAfter portrays a vivid picture where, to survive, players must fight for resources and to protect their homes from the infected. Since its first release, the game has received more than 150 million downloads worldwide and was voted the most competitive mobile game by Google Play in 2019. Xiaomi, a technology brand that integrates mobile phones and smart hardware research and development, has become the first choice for young consumers the world over because of its grasp of technology and popular trends. This latest partnership between LifeAfter and Xiaomi not only follows popular eSports trends, but also sets the tone for future cross-border collaborations with LifeAfter.

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