How to Increase Lineup Battle Points (BP) in One Punch Man The Strongest

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ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest finally arrives in South East Asia last week, including the Philippines. The game receives 3 million downloads for both Google Play and App Store. Since the game was released for over a week now, there are many players already making progress in the game and some of them have already reached over 90,000 Battle Points (BP). Don’t feel left behind, because there are strategies that you can do to cope up with these players. We will give you the right direction on forming the best lineup, getting more Battle Points from various events and what to do for the daily grind.

Table of Contents

  1. Late-Game Characters
  2. Line-up Perks
    1. Exclusive Item Perks (Enhancing Ascension Star)
    2. Unlocking Heroes and Monsters Perks
  3. Character
    1. Exclusive Item
    2. Gear
    3. Evolution, Skill, and Limit Break
  4. Saitama Daily Grind
    1. Talent
    2. Memory
  5. Home
    1. Figurine
    2. Training

But before anything else, let’s assume that you already reach the level 30 in your account and already activated the six slots for line up.

Late-Game Characters

While most of the heroes and monsters has unique abilities that gives some advantage to your lineup. Getting a late-game character are the still the best strategy for your line up to get higher BP rating – because of their higher yield attack damage and additional effect damage against enemies. You’ll also save resources and Reversion card when you acquired them in early game. In exception, buff heroes like Mumen Rider is also helpful in line-up for boosting Late-Game character abilities during the battle. Late-game characters are those SSR and SR heroes/monsters.

Also, keep in mind that you also need a variety of Series characters (Esper, Duelists, Grappler, and Hi-Tech) to your lineup to benefit an additional buff of a Core character like Genos. Core buff also requires the character to be in the lineup for it to activate and you can only utilize one core skill in the lineup.

Another example of a Core hero is this row attacker and SSR, Child Emperor. It has a core buff basic effect that grants 2 energy when allies land a critical hit on the enemies and can be triggered four times during the battle. It also has a core buff advanced effect that increases allies ULT DMG by 30% during the first round. 

The thing you need to consider when picking up your late-game character is their Role description and their skill. Like with the Child Emperor, it has a role of a Row Attacker, Single-target Stun and its core. 

Here is the skill of Child Emperor.

  • Mech Arm Swing – Attacks a single target for 120% ATK (+595) damage
  • Mech Arm Strike – Attack each enemy in a row with 5 consecutive strikes that deal 130% ATK (+595) damage, with a 50% chance to afflict the main target with stun for 1 rounds, dealing Crit damage afflicts the target with shatter for 2 rounds.

Given its skill, this hero is very effective as the first attacker of your lineup because of its skill damage effect. But still it will depend on your preferences. Checking the stats will also reveal the overall details of the hero, like SPD for the order of attacks and CRIT for the chances of getting CRIT damage for each attack.

While not everyone are so lucky to get these late-game character in the early game, you can still use temporarily characters that are useful for your line up. One criteria of choosing temporary character are those with the highest number of line up perks activated. Using them will give you additional buff that are useful for clearing exploration stages and challenges while waiting for your late-game character.

When you obtained the 6 Late-Game characters for your lineup, you can then focus all of your resources and enhance their abilities to the the limit.

Line-up Perks

Next, we discuss line up perks, this will grant you some additional stats points of each of your character when you reach the specific conditions. Two of these perks condition is for enhancing the Ascension of the Exclusive Items for both Keepsake and Insignia. While the remaining perk condition is for unlocking character heroes or monsters.

Exclusive Item Perks (Enhancing Ascension)

If you have spare Diamonds, we recommend you prioritizing the ascension star enhancement to atleast 1-star in order for you to activate the exclusive item perks. Which not only give you additional ATK and HP, but with an additional 5% Crit DMG and +5% Block for your character.

To upgrade the Star Ascension of the exclusive items (Keepsake and Insignia), you need the following material to upgrade them up.

  • Star Ascension Card
  • Crystal
  • Crystal Core

The Star Ascension card and the other mats can be obtained from the Supply Depot. You then need a Supply Token Ascension for you to open up these drone supply chest, 1 x supply token ascension can open 1 x supply chest.

You can obtain one Supply Token Ascension daily from the Arena shop for 600 Honor. You can also spent Diamonds for it for 95 each without limit.

In the daily rewards, you can also obtain 10 Supply Token Ascension on the 8th day of Login for 8 days event rewards.

The other materials can easily be obtained by sweeping Institute of Genetics. It is also available on Supply Depot and store at Gene Shops.

Unlocking Heroes and Monsters Perks

Each character perks has a character buff trigger that will activate when you obtain certain heroes/monsters from the recruit. When activated, this will give your character a buff that increases your overall BP when the character is use in the lineup.

Like for example here, we recently obtained Max character and the perks for these heroes has been activated which is 10% increase in their attack.

This means the more you recruit heroes and obtained new characters, the more you’ll activate perks for your lineup heroes.

There are also heroes that their perks are link to heroes/monsters that are not available in the game for the meantime. Like for hero character Child Emperor, it has “?” that will be probably unlocked on the future updates of ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest.

Our take for getting free Elite voucher and Epic voucher is participating the daily grind on the following which rewards you with this voucher.

  • Quest Daily Activity – 1 Elite Voucher per day
  • Novice Pack – 1 Elite or 1 Epic Voucher per day
  • Home Request – 1 Epic Voucher per day
  • Quest Story – Up to 10 Elite Voucher
  • Power House Training – Up to 3 Epic Voucher
  • Exploration – Unknown amount of Elite and Epic Voucher
  • Mall Arena – Up to 4 Epic Voucher
  • Mall Daily – Elite Voucher for 220 Diamonds
  • Mall Special – Check game store



The gear can be unlocked when you reach ___, this is the time you’ll be increasing your BP furthermore and probably reach the 50k marks.

You can get gears from participating the Conqueror Challenge at the Exploration, when you defeat the boss monster you’ll get a reward drop like random gears and Gear EXP to increase the gear level.

Similar to Chocolate Bar Stamina that are used in Exploration stages, you need Vitality ‘Soda’ to participate in Conqueror Challenge. Each challenge will consume 8 Vitality.

The good floor level to get green and blue gears is from Floor 3 and above. If done manually, it will take you 30 minutes to 1 hour to consume all of the daily refill of Vitality.

But if you also notice the Multiple on the bottom, this will allow you to fast forward the Conqueror’s Challenge but requires an additional item called Battle Chip.

You can then go back to character page and equipped the gear you obtained. Or used up the Gear EXP to level-up your existing gears.

If you run out of Vitality, you can go to Mall shop and purchase the daily vitality supplies with Diamonds.

You can also upgrade the ascension level of the gear using the Star Ascension Card from Supply Depot. But we advice to use Ascension Card for blue gears and above only due to the rarity of the card.

Exclusive Item

The exclusive item are just like the gears, but exclusive for the heroes/monsters only and you cannot replace it with other gears. You can benefit additional BP from this by leveling it up or by Ascension as we discuss in other section above.

For increasing the level of the gears, you need a Keepsake/Insignia EXP Card that can be obtained from the following:

  • Institute of Genetics
  • (to be added)

Evolution, Skill and Limit Break

We just combined all of the 3 section. Basically, leveling up these 3 will give boost to your character’s BP.

For Evolution, the materials you need here to level up your character is by sweeping the Exploration stages. The only thing that will limit you here is obtaining the Qualification material which chances are locked up to 3 and exceeding chances is you need to purchase it with Diamond.

For Skill, you need Basic Skill Book and its Series (Esper, Duelists, Grappler, and Hi-Tech) Skill Book. You can obtained these materials from Club Exploration and Saitama Investigation. As well as Groceries (Gene Coins).

For Limit Break, you need it’s Series Badge to level up the star level. When it reaches two-star, you need chard of the character as part of the requirement for level up. The Badge can be obtained by sweeping the Boss Challenge or from Mystery Store.

Saitama Daily Grind


Saitama’s Talent is one of the easiest way to add BP to your lineup because you only need a Talent Points that are easy way to obtain if you know where to get it. You can obtain up to 5 Talent Points per day by doing the Quest Daily Targets. For each talent you level up will give you 200 to 400 BP.

When you open Saitama tabs, the Quest in the bottom that lets you train saitama for different task has a Daily Targets objectives that you basically just need to complete the following type of quest.

  • Push-Up
  • Sit-Up
  • Squat
  • Run

Once you’ve completed these daily types of quest, you’ll be able to receive the following rewards.

  • 30 x Gems
  • 10,000 x Coins
  • 5 x Saitama Talent
  • 200 x Saitama Coins


For memory, collecting all of the pieces puzzle to complete the picture and you’ll be rewarded with the picture effect, which basically increase your overall BP. Though this step takes time to complete, it is very helpful for increasing your BP.

The same method above, you’ll get Saitama Coins on the Daily Target quest and finishing the quest object of Saitama (Run, Sit-ups, etc…). You can also asked your Club mate for pieces to help you complete the puzzle and gift the duplicate pieces you get.



Similar to collecting heroes, when you obtained specific heroes for each group you will earn additional stat bonus that will increase your overall BP.

But there is also ways to increase your BP not just collecting heroes in Figurine, this is by upgrading the bases of the figurine. And you can purchase a level 1 base from Mall at Duel for 1,000 tournament coins.


You can also increase your overall BP by doing the training, you only need a Series Notes to start training. Once you train, it will show the random addition to the stats which includes increase or decrease. If its increase, you need to save the new additional stats, but if its decreases, you have to train again for new result.

And the last thing you need to do level up is your game account. Because all of your character max level will depend on the level of your account.

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