GameLab Live is Set to Start this Afternoon, Featuring Mark Cerny (PS5), Phil Spencerr (XBOX) and more…

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Dubbed as the most international edition of GameLab to date, the GameLab Live BCN 2020. Gamelab will host a special session on the post-COVID era featuring some of the biggest international gurus, such as Ilkka Paananen (Supercell), Tim Schafer (Monkey Island2) and industry veteran Brenda Romero.

A stunning line-up of prominent figures, including Phil Spencer (Xbox), Mark Cerny (PS5), Ken Levine (BioShock), Mike Pondsmith (Cyberpunk), KiThe 16th edition of Gamelab Barcelona 2020 Live kicks off on Tuesday 23 June. One of the most prominent international events in the digital entertainment world is set to launch with a digital format that will bring together key figures in the industry from around the world for three whole days.

The incredible line-up features:

  • Phil Spencer (head of Xbox)
  • Mark Cerny (architect of PS4, PS5)
  • Ken Levine (BioShock)
  • Mike Pondsmith (creator of the Cyberpunk universe)
  • Amy Henning (creative director of Uncharted)
  • Shawn Layden (former CEO of Sony Worldwide Studios)
  • Minh Lee (Counter Strike), filmmaker
  • Jordan Vogt-Roberts
  • Kiki Wolfkill (one of the main directors of the Halo saga)
  • many more. 

An additional event has been added to the Gamelab programme, which will tackle key issues facing the sector as it enters the post-COVID era. Leading figures in the sector will analyse the emerging situation, the risks and opportunities it will bring and the potential for video games to lead the shift to a ‘new normal’, playing a key role as a cutting-edge cultural industry in rebuilding countries. This unmissable event will welcome such lucid minds and experienced professionals as Ian Livingstone, Ilkka PaananenTim Schafer, Brenda Romero, Kate Edwards, Jon Neverdie, Jenova Chen and Philip Rosedale.

The conference, which can be streamed online, offers participants a dynamic, fulfilling programme based on a model of conversations between creators, providing a space for some of the biggest names in the video game industry, from Asia to the United States, to come together in an unusual, unique format. These interviews on the present and future of the digital world will offer exclusive insights from creators themselves into the potential of indie developers and the key to success, to name but a few of the main themes that will be addressed. 

Women are gaining prominence in the sector and their growing influence is evidenced by the number of female professionals on the programme. As well as Amy Henning, Brenda Romero, Kate Edwards and Kiki Wolfkill, who we’ve already mentioned, Debbie Bestwick, director of Team17, one of the most famous executives, Ina Jang (Crossfire), one of the most relevant voices in the academic world, Tracy Fullerton, Hannah Nicklin (CEO of Die Gute Fabrik), journalist Chella Ramanan and Caty Tedman (Dapper Labs) will all be in attendance. 

Like previous years, Gamelab’s international programme features a networking area with participants including developers, producers and publishers. This year, the organising team has created a personalised ‘premium networking’ session to bring some of the best publishers and investors in the world into contact with professionals from Europe, the USA and Latin America, with the collaboration of the Latin American Federation of Video Game Developers.  Through this initiative, Gamelab wishes to support the sector and boost opportunities for business, collaboration and creation on an international level.

The exciting programme can be viewed in full on the official website:

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