Empty Boxes of PlayStation 4 sells on eBay for PHP 1,000

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After the PS4 unboxing video of Matteo Guidecelli went viral, it caused a heated debate over why ripping off the boxes of PlayStation 4 while unboxing breaks the heart of a gamer. This rift to different opinion from gamers and non-gamers with some says “its just a box”. But do know you that these empty boxes actually has a value? and you can make some $20 bucks by selling it online.

If you didn’t throw away your PS4 boxes, you can actually make extra cash from it by selling these boxes online. Just like one merchant on ebay named orkmastermcgee with over 42,770 reviews, they already sold over 233 empty boxes of Playstation 4 for $19.99 (PHP 1,000) excluding the shipping fee of $54.07 (PHP 2,700) to the Philippines. Other limited edition of PlayStation also sold on ebay as high as $50 (PHP 2,500).


Well, there is actually a reason why there are people interested on purchasing these empty boxes of PlayStation 4. Resellers for example, they actually need this to jack up the price of selling used PS4 which they packed it with the original boxes to make an extra 10% to 20% profit. Content creators also used this for a props in doing a video pranks and game collectors are also looking for limited edition of PS4 boxes.

Currently, the PlayStation 4 console are priced at PHP 18,000 with free game bundle included while the PlayStation 4 Pro is priced at PHP 24,000.

In different unfortunate scenario, way back in January 2015 in Australia, an empty box of PS4 was sold for $450 on eBay after a customer was mislead for a deceptive listing titled “used ps4 box only“, the victim bought the product unknowingly it was just an empty box of PS4.

So, if you have empty boxes out there, make some money and sell it online.

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