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The craziest/brutal battle royale game developed by darkflow software with it’s publishers, Gaijin Entertainment, Gaijin Distribution KFT. The game was released on June 15, 2018. Unlike Rules of Survival, Player Unkowns Battleground,  air Drops is not used in this battle royale game because each player randomly spawn, with the max capacity of 50 players on the server when the game starts. 

This game also includes bots, mostly in solo matches. The currency used in the game is soul that allows the player to draw mystic signs and cast abilities. The game is available on Steam for absolutely free with it’s anti cheat design the game is fair, so get ready to use demonic powers and survive.

Bug Fixed

On the latest server update (21.05.2020) the bug that allowed without ammo depletion was fixed.

On the new server update the soul (game currency) is only credited after the ritual is over and would not be credited if it is erase.


Every character has a unique ability, capable of changing duel outcomes if used properly


Clyde has the ability to turn into a beast that lasts for 10-15 seconds, while he is in this form he regenerates health slowly, ability to jump high and run fast, bullet resistance, but you cannot use any weapon, yet it is advantageous for him because he only uses his fists as a weapon and it is more than enough, it usually takes 2 to 3 punches to eliminate an enemy with his fists. This ability costs 100 souls


Do you know Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Using the Viking, you need to rev your hammer up and fly into the air then mark your enemy and use the ability of skyfall, control this ability and master the Viking. Leaving a blue trail with an imact like the God of Thunder, you can scatter your enemy on the ground then shoot freely after landing like clyde’s this ability costs 100 souls.


Ever dreamed of the power to control time, well this is the perfect character for you, with an ability to allow you to slow the time for a couple of seconds you can easily shoot enemies, and while you are at this motion, your enemies are marked red for easy shooting, but the time is only slowed only for you, the rest of the game server is not affected. It is the most special ability in the game, and costs 75 souls.


My dream ability, to become invisible and walk faster. This is Aztec’s ability but that’s not it there are still features like you can’t be injured, You can’t heal, use weapons, cars or anything else and you can climb, open windows and doors. After using this ability you leave a red smoke.  Before the ability time out you will create a loud noise and would be very slow.


With very strong fire rate,  Rifles are one of the most powerful weapon of the game. M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Gewehr 41, Gewehr 43, SVT 40 and AVS36 are semiautos, meaning they are not completely automatic.

  • M1 Garand
  • M1 Carbine
  • m1903 Springfield
  • Lee Einfield
  • Johnson rifle
  • Gewehr 41
  • Gewehr 43
  • SVT 40
  • Mosina
  • Kar98k
  • AVS 36

With very strong fire rate,  Rifles are one of the most powerful weapon of the game. M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Gewehr 41, Gewehr 43, SVT 40 and AVS36 are semiautos, meaning they are not completely automatic


  • Viking hammer
  • Uberpan
  • Knife
  • Axe
  • Striking flashlight
  • Machette

Melee type of weapon is one of the most common type of weapon.  The knife is the weakest melee and your starting melee.


  • Mauser C96
  • Colt Walker
  • m1911 Colt
  • TT
  • Walther P38
  • Luger

Automatic Guns

  • MP 5
  • Steyr AUG
  • M4A1)
  • SCAR
  • AKM
  • Beretta M38
  • Thompson M1921AC (rarely comes with more than one magazine)
  • M1A1 Thompson
  • M3 Submachine
  • MP 18
  • MP 35
  • MP 40
  • PPD 34/38
  • PPD 40
  • PPSH
  • Sten MK2
  • STG 44
  • HK UMP45

MP5, Steyr AUG and SCAR are Orbital fridge and tactical fridge. AKM can mount scope and Thompson M1921AC is rare to come more than one magazine.

Machine Guns

  • Browning M1918
  • FG 42
  • DP27
  • MG42

Browning M1918 is semiauto and Fg 42 is also semiauto and can mount scope


  • Luftwaffe M30
  • Browning auto 5
  • Winchester model 12
  • Ithaca 37

Special Guns

  • Panzershreck
  • Bazooka
  • Flare gun (Can craft it, or gamble it)
  • PTRS
  • PzB 39

Classes and Equipments


Blitzkrieg -. You are fast and have very low recoil with low shot deviation, it consists eagle eye glasses. You can move all over the place and leave your enemies wondering where are you.

Endurance – You can run twice the normal run. Works best for sniper users.

Mobility – U become very difficult to hit, this class is hard to master but both fun and annoying to enemies.

Tank -. have self healing. Use this class if you are full armor stacked. You become very difficult to kill and max HP

Zone fighter – The zone fighter class is not used that often, so enemies dont expect someone using zone fighter and that would make them the ideal prey for this class.

Jackrabbit – this class helps you to bunny hop.


Seven league boots – Seven league boots allow you to jump very high (Normal Jump x3)

Hermes knee pads of speed – The Hermes knee pads make you really fast (40% speed increase)

Oxygen tank of breath hold – breath for 30% longer, and it reduces  stamina drain by 40%, and increases  stamina recovery by 30%. (breath +30%, stamina drain +40% stamina recovery +30%

The IV Bag of Regeneration – The IV Bag of Regeneration heals 0.7 HP

Eagle Eye Glasses – 40% reduction in shot deviation, 50% recoil reduction, 40% reload time reduction.

Tough Cuban cigar – Increases your health by 40 %.

Nimbus protection – The Nimbus reduces damage taken from the zone by 70%.

Food and Armor


  • Buttocks armor
  • Leg armor (left / right)
  • Head armor
  • Body armor
  • Shoulder armor (left / right)


  • Plated food
  • Royal dinner
  • Canned food box
  • Canned food jar

Plated food takes 5 seconds to eat, high weight, high restore, Royal Dinner takes 7 seconds to eat, most weight, most restore, Canned food box takes 2 seconds to eat, the lightest, and restores the least amount of HP, Canned food jar takes 3 or 4 seconds to eat, medium weight, medium restore.

Movement and Combat Tips


  • Bunkers that equip MG42 or any bunker must be Flanked
  • After eliminating an enemy, you can use the loot as a bait, thenn eliminate the fish that bited to your pole.
  • If you are going prone, don’t move, moving while on prone creates a loud noise that will help the enemy to easily spot your location
  • The first thing you wanna do when you spawn is to loot, find some armor and food.
  • Walking while equipping SMG’s and Shotgun’s helps you to react faster when seeing an enemy.         


  • Take cover when you see an enemy (the most basic on battle royale games), luckily, anything on the game can be used as cover.
  • The ability of the beast is very strong on late game
  • Patience is also a key of winning this game, so never give out your location, how do you do that? By simply waiting for opponents to shoot, that would be easier for them to eliminate
  • Shoot and move – another tactic used by pro gamers of battle royale games like rules of survival, pubg and others, an example of shoot and move is shooting while jumping, that would reduce the accuracy of your enemy
  • When you see enemies inside houses, carefully throw frags, carefully.

Masks and Underwear are important on this game, every underwear grant you souls that are important to the game.  Masks and Underwears have 3 levels, be sure to know how they are used.  Character Customization depends on you, the better you play the most effective the character ability is used, be sure to customize your character with your playstyle

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