Ragnarok Mobile June 2020 Event (Super Lady)

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For the month of June, Ragnarok M Eternal Love is presenting new events is themed Super Lady, where you’ll be helping an Mysterious lady named Q on her adventure on the world of Midgard.

As usual the event is packed with 9 different event, composed of quest, store new item and times 2 rewards.

Table of Contents

  1. Event Puzzle (Event 1)
  2. Let’s Play with Q (Event 2)
  3. Sign-in Rewards (Event 3)
  4. Super Lady’s Friend (Event 4)
  5. Awaken! The Super Lady (Event 5)
  6. The Naughty Yoyo (Event 6)
  7. The Big Cat Store New Items (Event 7)
  8. Q’s Lucky Pack (Event 8)
  9. Luoyang Lucky Pack (Event 9)

Here are all of the new event for the month of June (Super Lady).


For quick reference, here are the schedule for all of the events.

Event DateDetails
June 1 to July 7, 2020Event Puzzle (Event 1)
Solve all 9 puzzle by completing this month event objectives.
June 1 to 8, 2020Let’s Play with Q (Event 2)
Talk to NPC Mysterious Lady Q at the Prontera Square to play a Rock, Paper, Scissor or a Hand Guessing game.
June 1 to 15, 2020Sign-in Rewards (Event 3)
Talk to NPC Joel at the Prontera Square to accept the 5 daily mission “Star Confession” for Child Envoy.
June 8 to 22, 2020Super Lady’s Friend (Event 4)
Go to poring island to participate this event.
June 11 to 18, 2020The Big Cat Store New Items (Event 7)
A job potion contains 4 million EXP will be available at the shop to help inactive player catch up with upcoming episode. Available for 2 BCC which contains 2 Refined Job Potions.
June 18 to 25, 2020Q’s Lucky Pack (Event 8)
A pack sold for 15 BCC which contains 6 x Oracle Crystal, 4 x Oracle Dust, 25% chance of obtaining Q’s Handwriting Card
June 22 to 29, 2020Awaken! The Super Lady (Event 5)
Donate gem to NPC Queen at the Prontera Square.
June 25 to 28, 2020The Naughty Yoyo (Event 6)
Every 9:00PM to 10:00PM (Manila, Philippine Time), eliminate Naughty Yoyo at the West Prontera to get loots and rewards.
June 30 to July 7, 2020Luoyang Lucky Pack (Event 9)
A pack sold for 10 BCC which contains EP 7.0 Materials (1 Mini and MVP materials) and 100,000 Zeny.

Event 1 – Event Puzzle

Starting June 1 to July 7 2020, the event puzzle for the whole month will be started. During this event, you’ll be collecting different puzzle from different event to get the rewards.

Super Lady has a total of 9 puzzles to solve that you can obtain from 9 different missions.

You need to participate in the event to collect all of these puzzle, some of the event are only available on specific dates. It is important that you’re present on the day of each event to complete the Event Puzzle.

Puzzle ObtainedRewards
Each Puzzle piece solveMysterious Box SP
3 Puzzle pieces solveGold Medal
Smooth Rune Stone
6 Puzzle pieces solvePraying Card Pack
Valkyrie’s Gift
9 Puzzle pieces solveSuper Lady

This event can only be completed by one character per account.

Event 2 – Let’s Play with Q

Starting June 1 to 8, 2020, the NPC Mysterious Lady Q will be available on Prontera Square, you need to talk to her to activate this event.

After talking to Mysterious Lady Q, you’ll be able to play two types of gameplay:

  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Hand Guessing

The Rock Paper Scissors basically allows you to choose three options to beat Mysterious Lady Q. Paper beats Rock, Rocks beats Scissor, Scissor beats Paper.

Winning the game will rewards you the following:

  • Q’s Music Box
  • Glitter Rune Stone.

Q’s Music Box contains one of the following item:

  • 2 x Oracle Crystal
  • 4 x Oracle Dust
  • 1 x Smooth Rune Stone
  • 2 x Valkyrie’s Gift

Event only available by one character per account only.

Event 3 – Sign-in Rewards

Starting June 1 to 15, 2020, players can participate in the daily sign-in mission from the NPC named Joel, and you have a task to complete for the Child Envoy, you’ll be getting the initial quest Star Confession.

There will be a total of 5 mission for this event, completing each of the mission will reward you with the following:

  • Q’s Music Box.

The event is only allowed to one character per account only. And all of the accepted mission can be completed until June 22, 2020.

Event 4 – Super Lady’s Friend

Starting June 8 to 22, 2020, players can participate on this event by going to the Poring Island and accept the mission called Super Lady’s Friend.

After finishing the mission for number of times, the number of chances of getting an rare item from the reward will increase, :

Mission CompletedChange to Get this Rewards
Clearing 1 mission80% – Q’s Music Box
19% – Q’s Toy Box
1% – Giant Lollipop Blueprint
Clearing 3 mission80% – Q’s Music Box
17% – Q’s Toy Box
3% – Giant Lollipop Blueprint
Clearing 5 mission80% – Q’s Music Box
15% – Q’s Toy Box
5% – Giant Lollipop Blueprint

The mission is simple. After talking to the npc Q, play with the 4 kids in the Poring island which gives you a Proof of Friendship. Once done, go back to Q to claim the rewards.

This event is limited to one character per account only.

Event 5 – Awaken! The Super Lady

Starting June 22 to 29, 2020, players can starts donating various gem materials to the NPC Queen at the Prontera Square.

Donating gem will increase the friendship of the queen and each progression at 30%, 50%, and 100% will unlock special items.

You can donate the following materials:

  • Toaz
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine

One character per account only.

Event 6 – The Naughty Yoyo

Starting June 25 to 28, 2020, every night at exactly 9:00PM to 10:00PM (Manila, Philippine Time), players can eliminate the Naughty Yoyo at the Prontera West to get loots and rewards.

Defeating the Naugthy Yoyo will have a chance to get a Queen’s Luggage and a chance to get an exclusive headwear Leaf Rosette.

Each character can only loot once per day.

Event 7 – The Big Cat Store New Items

Starting June 11 to 18, 2020, the Refined Job Potion will be available at the Recharge or Big Cat Coin Store. It contains 4 million job exp per potion which will allow players who are behind with the job level to level up quickly and catch up the upcoming episode of Ragnarok Mobile.

Two Refined Job Potions is priced at 2 Big Cat Coins and with a maximum purchase of 999.

Available to character of base level 80 and 4,000,000 job exp per potion.

Event 8 – Q’s Lucky Pack

Starting June 18 to 25, 2020, a new item will be available at the ReCharge or Big Cat Coin Store, the Q’s Lucky Pack will be available for 15 BCC.

Q’s Lucky Pack contains the following:

  • 6 x Oracle Crystal
  • 4 x Oracle Dust
  • 25% chance of obtaining Q’s Handwriting Card

Oh.. what is this? can someone explain in the comment section.

  • Alice’s Magic Bunny (5 Tokens)
  • Princess’ Umbrella, Hand of God, (3 Tokens)
  • Mad Hat, Elizabeth in Cage, Poisoned Duke’s Mask (1 Token)

Event 9 – Luoyang Lucky Pack

Starting June 30 to July 7, 2020, a new item will be available at the Recharge, the Luoyang Lucky Pack for 10 BCC. Maximum purchase of 100 per account.

Luoyang Lucky Pack contains:

  • EP 7.0 Materials (1 Mini and MVP materials)
  • 100,000 Zeny

That’s all everyone, hope this guide helps you with your adventure. Keep playing Ragna!

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