One Punch Man: The Strongest Gameplay Overview, Pre-registration Exceeds 3 million

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Recently, One Punch Man: The Strongest has exceeded 3 million pre-registration. For those who didn’t know yey, players who will pre-register to the game can stand a chance to win an iPhone 11, Macbook Pro and various items. If you haven’t pre-registered yet, its about time to join and get these prizes. Currently, the game is having its Beta test for limited number of players to test out the game. Luckily, GamingPH got a chance to try the Beta test and will be sharing some overviews of the game to those who are curious about this new mobile game.

Game Overview

The story of One Punch Man revolves around Saitama, who became a hero for his own entertainment. He went through 3 years of intensive training and gained incredible strength. However, he became too powerful and could defeat any enemies in just one punch regardless of their strength.

The first question that probably comes to your mind when you hear about this game is how this game works if one of its main character “Saitama” is literally too strong and unbeatable. Will the game be too easy to play?

Well, that’s also my first question when I hear about this game. But the good thing is, One Punch Man: The Strongest solved this problem by making Saitama a non-playable character. An NPC assistant which will teach you the basics of the game and help him to explorer his story. You can also use Saitama as a special support in the battle that you can call his help to defeat your enemy in a single punch, much like what you see in the anime helping other heroes from the monsters.

During the initial chapter of the game, you’ll encounter the first dragon-level monster named Vaccine Man which you need to help these 3 heroes Mumen Rider, Smile Man and Lighting Max to defeat this monstrous monster.

And since these three heroes are just class A heroes and against a dragon-level monsters is a no match. So, Saitama will come to back up and of course with his signature one punch it defeats Vaccine Man. Playing the game feels you’re re watching the whole anime episode and some clips from the episode are also included during the cut-scenes.

World Map Exploration

After ending the first and second chapter story, Saitama will teach you some basics on how to play the game, about 10 to 15 minutes of tutorial. The story mode can be continued on the World Map where you can unlock new cities by leveling up your base account and completing each stages.

Each cities has a two different mode, normal and heroic. The normal mode is the default difficulty of the city where you’ll be facing the boss and earn normal rewards. After finishing the normal mode, the heroic mode will be unlock that are more difficult but with more rewards.

For grinding, you can also sweep the already completed stages to get more rewards without re-playing the game by just using the Stamina.

Recruiting Heroes

Your first early hero to unlock is Saitama’s friend Genos, a free SR heroes that you can use to fight alongside with your recruited heroes. You can unlock heroes by using an Elite or Epic Voucher which grants you an elite heroes or special heroes. There are 3 rarity types of heroes R, SR and SSR. R is the most common and SSR is the most rare.

If you are planning to use Re-roll technique to get some heroes, you can use the 10 x Recruit that may guarantee an SR heroes every time you roll.

Vouchers are freely obtained as a reward from story mode, daily sign-in and events. You also have an option to use real-money to get more heroes.

Battle System

Initially, you can make an lineup of up to 3 heroes. The other 3 slots will be unlock when you reach certain level.

During the battle, the turn of the hero depends on its speed. Buff heroes usually has higher speed to buff its team, followed by attacking heroes. Each round also have mana power which you can be consumed to use the special skill of your heroes. When the mana is not consumed on that round, it will be accumulated for the next round for use giving players more strategy game play.

For better grinding, the game also allows player to Fast forward the battle up to 3 times and has a built-in auto mode in which it can play the round itself without interacting on it. The skip option can also be use for replaying the stage and getting the rewards.


Each hero character has its on Battle Points (BP), this will estimate how much powerful your heroes it. The BP will increase when you level up your character, upgraded Limit Break, Talent and the Journey.

The maximum level of character will depends on the Star rating. The hero can earn experience by joining battle or using an Energy EXP which is obtainable from rewards.

The Star rating can also be level up by reaching the max level and using acquiring the required materials. These materials can be obtained from completing or sweeping exploration stages.

You can also browse all of the possible hero that you can unlock in the game at the Album section where you can also check their specific Role, Skill and Stats.


Players can also join or create a club for the game, it works like a guild system where you meet with your friend to play together by completing club quest and club exploration. It also has an exclusive store where you can purchase additional items for your heroes.

In club exploration, each member of the club can help each other to eliminate an monsters. The more players in your club the easier to defeat the monsters.

Association Arena

The arena is where you can compete against other players in the game. In here, you can challenge player with the same rank. To climb to the top, you need to defeat the players on the higher level.

Everyday, players will be given a free ticket where they can use to enter the arena. When you defeat other players, you’ll be able to steal their rank and increase in the ranking.

The battle system in Arena is different, it is based on Battle Points. As all of the matches are all in auto-mode and there is no way to do tricks during the battle except by preparing your best line up for the battle.

As you progress in ranks, you’ll also be able to claim certain rewards which you can use to purchase on the shops for items. The higher rank you unlock, the more rewards you’ll get.

The lobby

In the game lobby, you can roam around and meet other players, you can access here different section of the game aside from the game menu. The background is also dynamic and automatically shifted depending on the time of your region.

Support Multiple Language

One Punch Man: The strongest will be available in South East Asia (SEA) region and there will be 4 supported language that players can set.

  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • English
  • Indonesian

That’s it for now! We will be writing more reviews of this game, so check out our page more often for updates, tips and tricks.

You can download ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest on Google Play for android and App Store for iOS. You may also check their website and Facebook page for updates.

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