Humble Bundle Choice May 2020 Game List

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To all gamers who are waiting for the list of games for the month of May for Humble Bundle’s Choice, you will be surprise for the two triple A titles in the list, the Jurassic World Evolution and XCOM 2.

So here are the list of games for Humble Choice May 2020:

  • Jurassic World Evolution
  • XCOM 2 + 2 DLC
  • Rise of Industry
  • Niche – A genetics Survival Game
  • Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War
  • The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse
  • Warsaw
  • Heave Ho
  • Mo: Astray
  • Neoverse
  • Chess Ultra
  • Horace
  • Extra DRM-Free Games:
    • Rainy Season
    • FAE Tactics Sneak Peek

Jurassic World Evolution

Released last June 2018, Jurassic World Evolution is a business simulation video game that players can make their own park for these rare creatures just like in the movie.

The game receives a 9 out of 10 rating in steam and its regular price is $44.99.


A turn-based tactics video game, XCOM 2 was released on 2016. It is a sequel for the 2012’s reboot of the XCOM: Enemy Unknown and earned multiple awards as the best strategy game.

It also receives 9 out of 10 ratings on steam and its regular price is $14.99.

Rise of Industry

Like the Jurassic World Evolution, Rise of Industry is a business simulation game. Instead of building parks for dinosaur, your goal here is to create a city by making buildings, roads and to make your own tycoon world. Its visually appealing with its unique low-poly boxed 3D world.

Its regular price on steam is $4.99 and has 8 out of 10 reviews.

Niche – A Genetics Survival Game

A turn-based survival strategy game with a combined of simulation, Niche allows you to create your own animal kingdom, create your own animals from based from a real genetics with over 100 genes to select.

Right now its $17.99 on steam and has 9 out of 10 rating.

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War

Released on July 12, 2018, It is a turn-based strategy game sets in the world of Warhammer universe. Make your own army to challenge AI in its campaign story mode or challenge your friends online.

The game is price at $39.99 on Steam and has 7 out of 10 rating.

Are you going to get this month Humble Choice? Why? Let us know in the comment section?

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